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Short term drought in North West New South Wales after several good years – $Millions paid out by Govt.

My eye was caught by this media today in the SMH – Drought relief: $7.6m for Bourke, Brewarrina, Walgett – 21 Nov 13 Quote – Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner said producers were dealing with “extraordinarily difficult circumstances” which had left farmers and rural townships “very stressed”. “North-west of our state is undergoing a very serious [...]

Example where media statements are wildly at odds with rainfall history

I first heard this on ABC radio this morning – then this headline appeared online – Drought-affected grazier in western Queensland says shooting cattle the only humane option. Including this quote – “…xxxxxx’s station near Hughenden, east of Mount Isa, has not seen decent rain for three years…” This panel of 3 maps shows rain [...]

Some dams in South West of Western Australia are overflowing now

This news item caught my eye – Dangerous behaviour as people canoe on the Harvey Dam which could overflow any moment – Seems counter what we would expect in view of the decade long propaganda from WA water authorities about low dam levels – “our drying climate” slogans – rain never filling our dams – [...]

Error reporting September rain in Perth

This Yahoo news item 23 Sep 2013 – Strong winds bring down trees and powerlines in Perth and South West – says at the end – [The Bureau of Meteorology says the front will hit early this evening and last most of the night. The Perth metropolitan area has recorded its wettest September for more [...]

Update 39 years of Perth dam catchment rain index 1975-2013

Will update the chart from time to time till end October. Blue line is a 5 year average – the average of all 39 years is 909mm. There are several links to earlier relevant information in this May 2013 article – Ongoing decline in efficiency of Perth Dam catchments – reply from WA Minister Prof [...]

Much of Perth and wheatbelt region gets September average rain before the month is half through

But do you see this reported in the mainstream media ? I can not see an article but there have been plenty when rain is lacking. Map made here, select Month to date – and Rainfall Percentages See from early August – Strange media statement about Perth rainfall


Michael Smith News.com uncovering fascinating details touching on history of seawater desalination in Australia

Starting on 26 August Michael Smith has a series of articles relating interesting history of Labor personalities over a decade or more associated with the water industry and the introduction of large scale seawater desalination to major Australian cities. Newest on top. This is a long term interest of mine and I just wanted the [...]

University of Colorado research claims Australian rainfall in 2010-2011 lowered global sea levels

My attention has been drawn to this new research led by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and I have had a quick check of some of the facts. Australia is 1.5% of global area – so 98.5% of the globe is also available to cause fluctuations in sea level. Australia contributes 1% of [...]

Strange media statement about Perth rainfall

The Fairfax online news site “WA Today” has this article commenting on plentiful rain for Perth and SW WA Rainfall average under despite deluge – August 8, 2013 – 2:09PM – Leanne Nicholson Adding to the dippy headline – Included is this sentence continuing the rich tradition in official Perth Govt/water circles of downplaying rain [...]

Ongoing decline in efficiency of Perth Dam catchments – reply from WA Minister

The comment by CP on my 2007 article -There never was a rain shortage to justify seawater desalination for Perth’s water supply – has prompted me to post the May 2012 reply from WA Minister The Hon Bill Marmion. First – here are some relevant links – 2002 article in The West Australian Water bosses [...]