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Another warmist prediction bites the dust – Canberra four days over 40° fails in 2014 but 1939 heatwave was hotter and longer

The ABC reports – ACT under total fire ban as mercury soars – quoting Sean Carson from the Bureau of Meteorology who says – “By the time we reach Saturday we might have seen four days in a row in the ACT greater than 40 degrees, something we’ve never seen before in Canberra’s history,”

Bad [...]

The BoM much trumpeted claim that 2013 was our hottest year is less than robust because some global climate groups disagree

Checking the Bureau of Meteorology claim against data from various global climate research groups available at KNMI Climate Explorer shows that not all support the BoM claim.

CRUT4, GISS and NCDC are not yet available through December but will check as they become available to end 2013. The BoM might have some support there.


Brisbane tipped to hit 41° on 4 Jan 2014 but reality was 38.7°

Typical headline beating up what is normal hot weather. Reality not so glam. for the warmists. For over a week now I have been puzzled by TV weather ladies talking about 50° here and there at places back of the black stump. Has anybody seen a 50° clock in anywhere yet. I suppose it must [...]

Satellites disagree with BoM that September 2013 was a record hot month for Australia

We have all seen and heard the media blitz on the subject – 2013 was hottest year on record in Australia, Bureau of Meteorology says – Most of us have little idea of the extent to which the BoM ACORN SAT temperature series has older data adjusted cooler to increase the warming trend. This chart [...]

Australian Bureau of Meteorology replaces the century old Melbourne Regional Office weather observation site in the Melbourne CBD

They are launching a new Melbourne weather observation site at Olympic Park – surrounded on two sides by tarmac car parks. And of course a freeway just out of view behind the photographer. I enjoyed how the BoM manages to write 309 words on the subject yets avoids the term “urban heat island”. IMHO it [...]

“Heatwave expected to hit one-third of Australia over Christmas” – Bureau of Meteorology dud prediction on 18 December 2013

It looks clear there will be no Christmas heat wave of any significance this Christmas. Here is the BoM prediction – Heatwave expected to hit one-third of Australia over Christmas – If you check forecasts for your region of SE Australia you can see what an utter dud the BoM is. I am calling for [...]

Satellites do not agree with NOAA that November was hottest on record for the planet

Media are running with this story – Warm November set heat record for planet – NOAA have their own page too – NOAA – Global Analysis – November 2013 Yet RSS lower troposphere satellite temperature anomalies say November 2013 was only 16th warmest since 1978. UAH data shows November 2013 to be 9th equal warmest [...]

December temperatures start cool across Australia

If you make maps here for maximum and minimum anomalies – period one week – you can see the extent of cool anomalies.

Maximum Anomaly

Minimum Anomaly

After a record warm spring where most of the heat was in September – mean anomaly 2.75°C, October had a 1.43° anomaly and November 0.52°.The first [...]

Recycled five year old story about global warming threatening White Lemuroid Possum

I first saw this issue raised in 2008.

Now the ABC are running the same storyline – basically the Daintree is heating due “global warming” and this is causing the White Lemuroid Possum to be endangered.

The nearest current and intact temperature series I can see around the Daintree is at Walkamin Research Station and [...]

Warming departure in UAH lower troposphere satellite temperatures compared to RSS over the period 2005-2006

Some checking of Australian temperature trends for various data series lead me to compare UAH and RSS satellites – so I choose the land only block of much of Australia – 30°South to 20°South and 120°East to 145°East. The chart shows the very noticeable 0.5°C warming in UAH compared to RSS over 2005-2006. The warming [...]