USA climate groups NOAA/NCDC create warming adjustments in GHCN V3 long term Australian weather records; Alice Springs, Adelaide, Broken Hill and Willis Island

All of these animations are pairing GHCNv2 (after combining sources at same location) with the GHCNv3 (after GISS homogeneity adjustment) – there are many more.

Alice Springs Adelaide Broken Hill Willis Island

Experiment measuring pre-dawn urban air temperature in north Canberra compared to BoM Canberra Airport

Since 9th Feb I have been noting down the simultaneous temperature of pre-dawn air coming in my front door compared to Canberra Airport ~13km away as a crow might fly.

We are not that far from Hall, near farmland to the west and about 100m higher than the airport so in theory we might expect [...]

New category now for the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) ACORN SAT “Rolls Royce” adjusted temperature series

Just click on the ACORN category and the seven articles come up starting June 2012.

Sydney temperature history – BoM raw data compared to ACORN adjusted data

Here is Sydney raw max & min annual temperature history – This shows raw compared to ACORN also annual – you easily see where the effective adjustments are concentrated. From 1 Jan 1983 on to present day there are no adjustments made to the daily max data. There are however some days when the raw [...]

BoM says re Hobart on 1st April 2014, “..31 degrees Celsius was the hottest April day since records started in 1881.”, but history shows sites nearby experienced several relatively hotter events

The ABC reports – Records melt as Hobart swelters through hottest April day in 132 years – Checking hottest April day statistics at this BoM page – just amend the station number in the URL. Checking daily data a month at a time in District 94 on Australian Weather News AWN – April 2005 at [...]

NOAA speaks with various maps to show February temperatures over the USA 48

I saw this issue at Anthony Watts which was from Joe D’Aleo – commenting on the less than stellar NOAA map. Which several commenters seemed to distrust. Curiosity got me looking in NOAA for the original – which I did not find – but I found this map below which gives a more balanced view [...]

The Australia Bureau of Meteorology says Perth’s record-smashing summer was “madness” – how about summer where you were?

Here is a map of the maximum temperature anomalies for summer. WA’s ‘mad’ summer is proof of climate change: BoM expert – PerthNow The national average was under +0.5°C. I think the Perth BoM needs a Bex a cuppa tea and a good lie down. below you can see each day of the Perth summer [...]

Open Peer Review Journal – publishing new research into urban heat island UHI effects in global temperature compilations

Dr. Ronan Connolly has sent me their paper Urbanization bias I. Is it a negligible problem for global temperature estimates? R. Connolly, and M. Connolly (2014). Open Peer Rev. J., 28 (Clim. Sci.), ver. 0.1 (non peer reviewed draft). A quick read through has impressed me sufficiently that the authors can be a force to [...]

Launceston temperature history illustrates how BoM inserts a large warming trend where raw data shows little change over 100 years

In 2012 the Australian Bureau of Meteorology brought out their ACORN SAT highly adjusted and warmed temperature data for just over 100 stations with all data commencing in 1910. Launceston starts in 1885 but the early data has gaps so we start at 1910 comparing raw data trends with warming trends from the BoM highly [...]

Australian Bureau of Meteorology takes urban heat island (UHI) into account when announcing heat records

I have just been told by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment – Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham – that when _ “…the Bureau publishes relevant records of weather and climate occurrences and extremes based on observations from sites around the country.” The BoM is “…taking into account any urban heat island [...]