Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has a long history of ignoring faults in HadCRU global temperature series – temperature data that birthed “global warming”

In 1986 the Jones et al team published papers for both hemispheres compiling temperature data from weather stations into long term trends. Northern Hemisphere Surface Air Temperature Variations: 1851-1984 P.D. Jones, S.C.B. Raper, P.M. Kelly, and T.M.L. Wigley, R.S. Bradley and H.F. Diaz; Journal of Applied Meteorology: Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 161-179. and Southern [...]

Remembering the Jones et al 1986 temperature station comparisons were often over huge distances – ridiculous distances sometimes over 1,000km

I have just been pulled up by George Bailley for comparing Ceduna temperatures to Fowlers Bay (western South Australia) which he said were 118km apart. This comment from GB was at my earlier post – The BoM ACORN SAT dataset disaster rolls on – fatal minimum>maximum errors can not be repaired until “second half of [...]

Climate Council (Australia) says Autumn 2014 is abnormal

Remember the Climate Council was birthed by ex staffers from the Climate Commission which was disbanded by the Australian LNP Government elected Sept 2013. Climate Council Seasonal Update: Abnormal Autumn – Looks to me as if their cherry picked warm period 8 to 26 May is borrowed from the BoM – Special Climate Statement 49 [...]

Hottest May day prediction for Sydney crashed in a heap – while warmest May on record looks restricted to centre of Sydney

The media have been hyperventilating over the Indian Summer in Sydney – but this story took the cake – Sydney to register hottest May day in 95 years with temps tipped to hit 28C as May ‘heatwave’ lingers – In fact Wednesday the 27th saw Sydney reach 24°C – a 4 degree fail for the [...]

GISS urban adjusted version for Melbourne Australia from year 2000 compared with 2014 adjusted version

Had to cable up some old HDD’s and made a few interesting discoveries – GISS around 2000 made an attempt to adjust for UHI contamination using a long tapered adjustment – which in retrospect was probably one of the better attempts by any of the big IPCC climate groups to deal with UHI.

Most of [...]

Claims of record warm days in May lack scientific balance – Melbourne and the 11 days consecutive over 20°C

SMH news item quoting the BoM – Melbourne’s record warm spell may stretch into June – no mention of urban heat island (UHI) site issues at Melbourne Regional Office 86071. Recently the BoM commenced weather recordings at Olympic Park station#86338 which will eventually replace the highly urbanized current site Melbourne Regional Office station#86071 Yes that [...]

USA climate groups NOAA/NCDC create warming adjustments in GHCN V3 long term Australian weather records; Alice Springs, Adelaide, Broken Hill and Willis Island

All of these animations are pairing GHCNv2 (after combining sources at same location) with the GHCNv3 (after GISS homogeneity adjustment) – there are many more.

Alice Springs Adelaide Broken Hill Willis Island

Experiment measuring pre-dawn urban air temperature in north Canberra compared to BoM Canberra Airport

Since 9th Feb I have been noting down the simultaneous temperature of pre-dawn air coming in my front door compared to Canberra Airport ~13km away as a crow might fly.

We are not that far from Hall, near farmland to the west and about 100m higher than the airport so in theory we might expect [...]

New category now for the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) ACORN SAT “Rolls Royce” adjusted temperature series

Just click on the ACORN category and the seven articles come up starting June 2012.

Sydney temperature history – BoM raw data compared to ACORN adjusted data

Here is Sydney raw max & min annual temperature history – This shows raw compared to ACORN also annual – you easily see where the effective adjustments are concentrated. From 1 Jan 1983 on to present day there are no adjustments made to the daily max data. There are however some days when the raw [...]