Updated chart AEMO wholesale electricity daily prices

For what it is worth there has been a divergence last month with SA, VIC and Tas reducing in price. NSW reducing a little and Qld now more expensive than NSW.

AEMO source data – AEMO NEM Dispatch OverviewNemWatch is useful as a snapshot of generation type and demand. There was more wind in September than August but October started with a wind-drought. Large vers chart

Progress Bali Mount Agung volcanic activity

When the news broke a while back I started following the ESDM site then there were the many evacuations – then the beast went quieter and I think the Govt said some could return to their homes. Prediction is very difficult. Anyway I thought I would share these links to graphics of seismic activity that look to be updated. I got my links from here
and the first is the well known Trend Amplitudo Seismik RSAM
A serious eruption such as in 1964 has potential to cool global climate for a while.
Karakteristik Frekuensi Dominan Gempa
Histogram Gempa
Last but not least their live – Seismogram page with each line = 30minutes. Swarms of little shakes.

Heat-wise – September was a pussy in Australia

Charts here of max t anomaly show you several previous Septembers were hotter than 2017 – starting with 1928.
The UAH satellites Australia band has eleven hotter Septembers.

You can make BoM max min and mean t anomaly maps – have fun.
Going back to the charts if you make a mean t anomaly chart for Australia – which gives you a relative idea of what goes through to IPCC globull-warming central – the Oz contribution heat wise last month was even more insignificant with many previous Septembers warmer than 2017. There – some perspective.

A rare mea culpa from an Australian politician

We all made a fracking mistake, says former premier Bob Carr – try googling the headline if you get paywalled. Ex Premier Bob Carr forgets to mention the Eddie Obeid coal licence scandals that gave so much oxygen to the anti-miners and Green protesters. But why the NSW Govt went so far in changing the law around resources exploration is a mystery. We have got to this point after decades of Green-anti-development lies and exaggerations not being rebutted by industry and scientific/engineering experts. This has strengthened the ever present anti-resources industry groups who seized on the slick ready-made anti-fracking campaign imported from the US to increase their supporter base and level of activity. Now we have Green lawfare on an amazing scale, I read where there are 23,000 objections to the Santos Narrabri gas project EIS approval process.

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations