Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom

Jo Nova has a blog – US donors funding activists to shut down Australian mines, ports and rail, approved by Hillary’s right-hand-man? Nobody there yet has referred to this stunning 2011 pdf report by the organizers that sets out their detailed multi-$million plans – Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom – 17 pages must read only 3.75MB. The Rockefellers and Pew were in the campaign by 2011.
And now we have a useless Lame Duck Govt in Canberra and a Labour Govt in Queensland.
I mentioned this in August 2015
Rising coal prices are slowly defeating the Greens efforts.

Innovative variation on ABC anti-mining campaign

Rehabilitating abandoned mines could create thousands of ‘badly needed’ jobs opines the GreenLeft ABC.
In reply the Qld Mines Minister Anthony Lynham puts a logical view about disused mine sites.
He says – “…many old mines still contain valuable resources waiting to be exploited.”
“There are a lot of resources left in old tailing dams, old tailing deposits. I’d love to see resource companies come to us with innovative ideas of how they can access those deposits,” Dr Lynham said. “Rehabilitation can extinguish a resource.”
Great to hear a politician talking common sense.

5 minute data South Australian electricity blackout

AEMO is fine tuning their story with another edition out.
– at least this edition has a better map. Any idea of the blackout being caused by wind blowing over transmission towers seems to be vanishing. Now the blackout seems due to wind generators cutting out after being subjected to a specified number of faults. Alan Moran says – South Australian blackout: it was, in fact, caused by the windfarms – he also raises issue that consumers who have suffered losses could claim compo.
Followup stories on the ABC –
SA Treasurer vainly beating his drum that wind power is never to blame.
Chris Uhlmann reviews the AEMO update
We now have 5min data which shows that wind on the 28th was lower than the peak on the 26th despite wind being stronger on 28th.

Here is a table over 3 hours – When you compare demand against – import + gas + wind it looks as though they lacked reserve. But there is also rooftop solar to factor in.

Chart history of ACT elections 1989-2016

Just major voting groups percentages – data mostly from ACTEC and the ABC. The hordes of various “independents” in early ACT elections seems remarkable. Greens must be annoyed their big totals in 2008 have melted – the ACT should be GreenLeftie heaven. One seat in doubt as Labor maintains grip – Interesting that the ACT Libs did not offer a policy difference with the ACT Govt renewables energy target of sourcing 100% renewable energy by 2020.

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations