Broome Airport will smash the all-time annual rain record

I have just checked the stunning Broome rain data for this year – so far within 30mm of the all time highest annual rain total by the 18th of February.
Broome PO 3002 has data from 1890 to 1952 and 1896 saw the record ann max rain of 1,094mm.
Broome Airport 3003 has data from 1939 and the ann max was 1,496 in 2000 making the all time record.
In 2018 Broome Airport has seen 915.6mm in Jan and so far in Feb 551 which makes 1,466.6 – so 29.4mm to equal the all time annual rain record. I can not recall seeing a rain record smashed like this. Can anybody recall an annual rain record smashed during February?

“Huge” Sydney storm misses rain gauges

This ABC report on an AFL match at Drummoyne Fri evening 9 Feb mentions it was interrupted by a “huge” storm with heavy rain.
Odd that a storm such as reported slips through the Sydney rain gauge network.

If anybody has other rain data or observations please pass on.
Imagine what rain must be missed out in the wide brown land.
Here is the Terrey Hills radar ex Oscilmet I chose the loop from 3pm to 8pm 9Feb18 – the times on the loop are in UTC – the little rain centres move rapidly. The one that hit Drummoyne is fairly clear. I think they only archive for 2 weeks.

Wild claims made relating GCM’s to Perth rain and water issues

This ABC article trying to justify seawater desalination sums up how so much damage has been done to Australian water policy over two decades. From the very first sentence “Perth’s desalination plant has been a lifesaver..”. What utter rubbish – Perth dam catchments bush could be managed to release more dam inflows – the SW Yarragadee aquifer could have easily made up any Perth shortfall and any drawdown would hardly be noticed as SW WA aquifers waste water to the sea constantly. There are also large quantities of weakly saline river water wasting to the sea every year in SW WA that could be more cheaply desalinated than seawater. Perth was never running out of water – water is running out of Perth.
Back to the ABC article – so these top climate scientists are saying that GCM’s are proving that increasing carbon dioxide driven climate change is causing the decline in SW WA rain. OK say we grant them that. Then how do we/they explain the increase in rain at various periods in the history of various Australian States and regions? Did CO2 do that too? The 14 BoM charts show that Australian rain has increased over a century and that most States and regions enjoy a wetter climate now than they did before 1950. How can anybody cherry pick the SW WA declining rain and say – Ah, that must be caused by IPCC Climate Change? I never hear any climate scientist say “the increase in rain from 1970 in many Australian regions must be caused by IPCC CO2 driven climate change”. I think a more rational view of Australian rainfall history would recognise – most of Australia is most often more dry than we humans would like. The 14 charts show with clarity that rainfall varies on decadal and sub decadal scales, often appearing to be cyclic, in different ways at different times in various regions for reasons we know little about – but we can opine and theorise.

An audio reminder of WA Inc from the 1980’s

In recent years the stellar career of NSW Labor “Main Man” Eddie Obeid over three decades has tended to dazzle aficionados of Govt. corruption in Australia. However we must not forget that at about the same time in the 1980’s that Eddie Obeid was an up and coming Labor figure; Perth enjoyed a flowering of corrupt Govt. and business leaders known now as “WA Inc”. In a distant age I downloaded audio files of phone taps from the WA Corruption and
Crime Commission(CCC) – there is much to smile at as the various corrupt eager beavers share their adventures. Remember too that the Julia Gillard/Bruce Wilson AWU scandal birthed while WA Inc was still a very fresh memory.

Must read Fairfax story on NSW resources industry

The minister the money and the mine. How a rotten deal was hatched – If journalists know of any unlawful acts by anybody then they should report those to the police. I see that half way down the article switches to the buying of a SA winery by Chinese interests and touches on the leasing of Darwin Port to a Chinese group which should never have been approved by Govt. Can I just mention that the NSW Resources Dept has this www page under “Investors” detailing a wide range of projects where the owners/explorers are open to Joint Venture or outright sale. So any company asking the Resources Dept or Minister about buying “…any metal mine (gold, iron, etc.) As long as the exploration is done…” should have been pointed to the above www page – simple.
Of course once you have read the first half of this story re NSW resources – spare a few moments to think about the experience of Shenhua who in 2008 bought a coal orebody from the NSW Govt and a decade later still are little closer to having a mine despite spending a lazy ~$Bn. So what big Chinese – or any other nationality – resource group would go near NSW without counting their fingers very carefully? I blogged twice on Shenhua.

It’s official Perth Dams are being decommissioned

Just saw this on WaterCorporation www. click on Sources then Future

Last month I updated my Perth dams catchment rainfall and it is plain that Perth catchments rain is similar to levels of 40 odd years ago (May to Oct av now ~850mm). Will add more later on the 20+ years history of the WA Govt. avoidance of valuable rainwater that falls free from the sky. Every May to Oct. on average 2,975GL of rain falls over Perth dam catchments and if catchment bush was managed so that only 5% of that water was harvested as dam inflows that would mean 148GL PA which is ~52% of Greater Perth annual consumption – ~ a $Bill worth of water.

Electricity and gas prices booming in summer

My chart shows the damage caused to electricity wholesale prices by a few days of normal summer peak heat – which luckily were mainly on weekends and holidays.

I notice that Sydney gas prices right now at 9.5 are way over December at 7.4 and I trust the PM is speaking to gas company bosses. Vic gas market maybe never got the Turnbull phone call. I also notice that Vic coal generation is running at max ~4,400 to 4,600MW 24/7 these days. Machinery eventually breaks down. I see there were 50,000 homes blacked out across Vic yesterday and Vic Labor pollies are trying to say supply was not the problem. It seems obvious that with supply strained near the limit this would require more fiddle-faddling and jiggery pokery by grid authorities than if they had Hazelwood on line say and could have been ~1,500MW more relaxed about meeting the demand. They were assisted too by wind in SA picking up at peak demand time in Adelaide. AEMO electricity and NemWatch for a generation snapshot. Link to 5 charts of electricity price histories.

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations