Perth dam catchments have magical water repellent properties

Last February there was widespread heavy rain over SW Western Australia causing much flooding across many districts – Engineers Australia. Yet I can not see evidence that water was measured flowing into Perth dams. The rain for Perth catchments was mostly on the 10th Feb. I have kept screen shots of the “Rainfall at Perth Dams” page which has a running total of inflows but the total never varies in the days after the rain event.

BoM July rain Outlook region by region so often exactly wrong

Starting with SW WA the iconic poster-child of the lavishly State-funded climate scaremongers – exactly wrong.
SE WA and West SA big fail.
Central WA 2 wet predictions – huge fail.
Far north wet prediction mostly an utter fail.
Central NT huge wet was predicted dry – fail again.
Cooktown region wet not predicted – fail again.
West Qld wet was predicted dry – huge fail again.
SE SA and west Vic another fail.
Tas got its rain the wrong way around!!! Fail again.
First the prediction.

Then rain in July.

For large maps OutlookJuly rain % – BoM Outlooks – make rain maps

Persistent truth telling climate sceptics cause the BoM to shaft itself again

We blogged on this subject 6th July – But sceptics have been busy behind the scenes as evidenced by Jennifer Marohasy who has blogged a deliciously misleading letter of explanation from the BoM to Minister Frydenberg. Oh how quick the BoM colossus can respond when the Minister’s office calls.
Today Jennifer and Lance have made the front page of The Australian. For large picture. I can hear the BoM molars grinding from here.

I think this is the text of the article – came in by email Continue reading Persistent truth telling climate sceptics cause the BoM to shaft itself again

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations