Our ANZAC history could be put in perspective

The Australian War Memorial has this to say introducing the bloody Gallipoli landings.
The Gallipoli campaign was intended to force Germany’s ally, Turkey, out of the war. It began as a naval campaign, with British battleships sent to attack Constantinople (now Istanbul). This failed when the warships were unable to force a way through the straits known as the Dardanelles. A third of the battleships were sunk or disabled on a single day, 18 March 1915. Could the AWM say any less?

For a start – it was not Turkey – we were fighting the Ottoman Empire who as the AWM says were an ally of Germany. I think Australians are capable of grasping the following sketch history from early WWI. The Ottoman Navy lead by the German battlecruiser SMS Goeben and the light cruiser SMS Breslau had already attacked the Black Sea coast of Russia in October 1914. The Ottomans had a large army advised by the German General Otto Liman von Sanders and in Jan-Feb 1915 had attempted a raid on the Suez Canal. The Ottomans Army engaged in dozens of operations during the war from the Caucasus to Iraq and Egypt generally tied up many Allied troops that could have been otherwise employed fighting Germany in France. See the many engagements listed all linked.
Seizing the Dardanelles was a worthwhile war aim which the Allies had the forces to achieve and had the entire March-April 2015 campaign been better administered from the top the war could likely have been shortened.

Banks Royal Commission has Govt dead men walking

Watching Treasurer Scott Morrison on TV news trying to justify the Govt’s years of stonewalling against holding a Royal Commission into Banks by referring to their 2014 Financial System Inquiry run by David Murray AO. An Inquiry that found NOTHING I can recall. Compared to the Kenneth Hayne Banks Royal Commission that is uncovering sensational, appalling, disgusting mismanagement & maladministration hour by hour as it sits. Hands up those who remember ANYTHING from the 2014 FSI? Of course that was run by the ex long time boss of the Commonwealth Bank. I think the Banks RC must be extended a year to do its work adequately, there are such big issues so far untouched.

Desalination proposed for Sunshine Coast

So the Sunshine Coast Daily reports. In a zone where there is more than a metre of annual rainfall (some areas 1.5metres) how could the seawater desalination option for future water supply even get mentioned? There is so much more that could be added here – a 2014 summary of the eastern states desal disasters – the huge waste of money +$250mill – over the Traveston Dam proposal. Facts are dark Green policies are deeply embedded in all layers of Australian Govts.

Syria air strikes 12 hours in

I noted OurABC 7pm news Saturday failed to note Turkey said the Western strikes were “appropriate”. A solid success for Trump to get Erdogan onside. Stunning GreenLeft bias for the ABC not to mention Turkey. It looks so far as though this very minor Western action went smoothly. I do not even see claims of significant civilian casualties – surely Assad can pony up some gullible lefty western media on hospital tours.
No claims of British or French jets shot down – not a piece of scrap metal evidence of any shoot-down I have seen. Time yet to get claims in. Early days but it looks as though Russian AA is only claiming some downed cruise missiles – that will terrify the Pentagon. So did the British and French fighters stand off too far? – or does the west have countermeasures? Lots for Vlad to ponder, his economy, the rouble, wasting money on Assad. Now the Russians are locked in tighter with Assad and Iran – Oh and I forgot to add in the Houthis. The West should now keep what initiative they have and enforce as far as possible a defacto no move no fly ban on Assad’s Air Force now that they moved their aircraft to be safe close to the Russians. My impression is that the West has options now – while the Damascus Big 3 are more fenced in.

German raider Komet passage north Siberia 1940

Reading my attention grabbing new book “Storm of War” I got reminded of this historic voyage of the Komet (aka Raider B of the British Admiralty) from August 1940 which was with the help of Soviet icebreakers. It is noteworthy that despite decades of global warming and technology advances the northern passages are still little used except by ice breakers and the oil industry. The Komet created mayhem in the SW Pacific sinking several ships including (with Raider A the Orion) the liner Rangitane in early hours 27Nov1940 off NZ East Cape. The Komet also voyaged to the Antarctic – not sure what exactly they were looking for. Vic.University German Raiders in the Pacific. I am building a timeline of raiders engagements in the SW Pacific.

ABC glorifies mediocre mini TESLA battery

After 4 months operation the ABC says – How Elon Musk’s big Tesla battery is changing Australia’s power landscape – Note!! South Australia still has the highest prices in the NEM. – The reality about the midget battery from the source report from Energy Synapse is rather different. Four months in, SA Tesla battery is showing mixed results in energy arbitrage – Other quotes from Energy Synapse in italics, mine bold. – Tesla battery is being heavily utilisedthe Tesla battery consumed an average of 116 MWh per day for charging. In contrast, it delivered an average of 94 MWh per day back into the grid. …average efficiency of the battery has been 82%. against…spec sheet efficiency of 88%Tesla battery made $1.4 million in the energy market, but is losing money 47% of the time“$1.4mill is Chickenfeed!!”the Tesla battery made 95% of its net revenue in just five (very volatile) days“welcome to most of the boring year where profit will be difficult to graft”on 57 days (47%) the Tesla battery actually lost money in the energy market – the operators of the battery will need to be careful to avoid needlessly cycling the battery for little financial gain – “buy low, sell high” is not as easy as it sounds. The energy market is incredibly complexSome food for thought as the race to build big batteries begins. As usual where renewables are concerned Australia is rushing in before engineering solutions are proven. And much of the above will apply to Snowy 2.0. AEMO has a report on the TESLA battery too but it only looks at FCAS. I would say in reply to AEMO – “our grid got by for decades before this wasteful toy battery”. For perspective – if the average NEM demand is ~32GW and the Hornsdale Big Battery is say 100MW then that is less than 0.3% of the NEM. Key links – AEMO Dashboard – NemWatch and Open Nem.

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations