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Henbury carbon farming project methodology not approved by Canberra – who contributed $9mill in the first place

This shambles just gets worse – “Red Centre carbon farming blueprint knocked back”
and announced over the New Year hols by the Govt compliant ABC. Will we ever know the truth.
I have three earlier notes on the subject.
Qantas makes announcements about buying carbon credits
Then -
A month is a long time in carbon farming – QANTAS with egg on their face
and in November
Commonwealth public servant ‘decision makers’ slaving away for $20 per hour

2 comments to Henbury carbon farming project methodology not approved by Canberra – who contributed $9mill in the first place

  • Graeme Inkster

    there is a spelling mistake on the ABC site; they refer to the “draft methodology” – there is a surplus r in there.

    Seriously, $9 million committed without examination. Still trying to work out what they want to do 2 years later!?!
    The only bit that appears to have been thought through is the decision to “bury” the announcement over Christmas, as with abandoning the budget surplus. You don’t have to be mad to work in this Government, but no-one will notice if you are!

    Looking at the R.M. Williams end, it appears obvious that they have decided that Labor’s coming ETS scheme is a dead bull, and that european carbon credits are close to worthless, and will be in the future, so they are trying to find an alternative use for the station. This rejection gives them an excuse to “explore other options” i.e. keep putting up plans which they know will be knocked back until everybody in Canberra forgets about the $9 million. RMW will then use the station to run cattle, or sell it to the Chinese.

  • Beachgirl

    Did you see Andrew Bolt has an article which refers to attempts by Opposition shadow parliamentary environment secretary Simon Birmingham to get at the facts on where the money has gone.

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