February not turning out stellar hot so far – Weatherzone prediction falls flat on face so far – 6.8° out for Sydney

A week ago there was this article in that paragon of reliable information – The Sydney Morning Herald – Cool spell soon to be broken – phew now we can not enjoy a few cooler days without the Fairfax owned Weatherzone big-noting their colossal forecasting skills. – The 4 Feb SMH article says – “Saturday may see Sydney’s “best chance” of temperatures above 35 degrees, with more scorching weather set for western suburbs and inland towns…”.
Well Saturday reached 28.2 in Sydney not 35.
I am curious what readers are noticing in their areas – apart from Perth is there any unusual heat around ?
My point in this is that it is summer – some heat is to be expected – we know there may be hot spells in February – we can check the BoM standard forecasts.
They tell us this for the next week – a tough week ahead for the “heatwave spruikers”.