BoM made a mistake in announcing hottest January day for Mackay

You could not invent this. See my post from yesterday – now as Chris Gillham has pointed out – the BoM mistakenly entered 36.9° as 39.6° – and nobody had the nous to question this for a week. The Weatherzone announcement – Mackay sets January heat record
was dated 5 Feb as was the ABC’s. So the media announcing this triumph of warming was a week after the instruments at Mackay Aero recorded 36.9 which somehow ended up as 39.6 in BoM data for a week. The 36.9 is still a record for Mackay Aero which has a short record, previous high was 35.8 on 7 Jan 2006 – but Mackay M.O. recorded 37.2 on 1st Jan 1985. To be correct the media stories should have said – “Mackay Airport sets January heat record” – and then the article could have stated that Mackay M.O. recorded 37.2 on 1st Jan 1985 when apparently there was no Airport data that we know of.
I wonder what will happen now – will the BoM or either media group be interested in publishing a correction ?