Why are Australian Government search engines so freaking dumb ?

Looking for a quick link to the flagship BoM adjusted and warmed temperature dataset ACORN-SAT – I foolishly thought it would be quick to search for it using the the search engine on the BoM main page. My screen-dump shows the result. But no – can not be found, Absolutely amazing. And our taxes pay […]

Houses under threat NW of Hobart – another fire that we accompanied from this morning

Seeing this news from the ABC – Winds fan fire towards houses – It seems to me that this is another case where a fire could have been snuffed out this morning if we had large multi-engined fixed wing water bombers to deploy. So many fires last month ran for over a week – surely […]

BoM blatant cherry picking and ignoring urban warming effects to claim hottest January day for Mackay Queensland

A reader sent in this news item – Mackay sets January heat record – quoting the Bureau of Meteorology saying “Mackay has set a new record for its hottest January maximum temperature. The weather bureau’s Jeff Sabburg says the mercury hit 39.6 degrees on January 28.” To understand how dodgy this claim is – there […]