Why are Australian Government search engines so freaking dumb ?

Looking for a quick link to the flagship BoM adjusted and warmed temperature dataset ACORN-SAT – I foolishly thought it would be quick to search for it using the the search engine on the BoM main page.
My screen-dump shows the result.

But no – can not be found, Absolutely amazing. And our taxes pay for this rubbish.
Here is the ACORN-SAT front page for those interested.
I was using the National Archives www site the other day – same thing –
their search engine was way less than stellar.

Houses under threat NW of Hobart – another fire that we accompanied from this morning

Seeing this news from the ABC – Winds fan fire towards houses
It seems to me that this is another case where a fire could have been snuffed out this morning if we had large multi-engined fixed wing water bombers to deploy.

So many fires last month ran for over a week – surely these aircraft would be useful to extinguish the worst of fires and make it possible for over-worked ground crews to mopup efficiently.
But then Australian public service administration is so stuffed up with Federal State rivalries and turf wars – then you have headquarters out to units on the ground communications – yeah maybe we are just not clever enough to use these aircraft.
Further to my earlier article re Dunalley fire SE of Hobart last month.
Question about large fixed wing air tankers, water bombers in Australia now – Dunalley fire timeline

BoM blatant cherry picking and ignoring urban warming effects to claim hottest January day for Mackay Queensland

A reader sent in this news item – Mackay sets January heat record – quoting the Bureau of Meteorology saying “Mackay has set a new record for its hottest January maximum temperature. The weather bureau’s Jeff Sabburg says the mercury hit 39.6 degrees on January 28.”
To understand how dodgy this claim is – there are two BoM recording stations current at Mackay.
Mackay M.O. station 033119 (MO = Met. Office) with data from 1960 and the other is Mackay Aero station 033045 at the airport with a decade of data in the 1950’s then a 30 odd years gap to 1996.
The hottest Jan day claim for the 28th was fom Mackay Aero – there was no hot Jan day record at Mackay M.O. the BoM purpose built official meteorological station for Mackay which had longer continous data than Mackay Aero.
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