There has to be a blockbuster movie in this NSW ICAC ex Labor Govt coal licences scandal

Just saw this gem from New Zealand. – Rich-lister sues Aussie coal barons
Remember the watchable Channel TV drama series Underbelly ? You get the idea.
I also have a vision of one of those cartoon snowballs that starts rolling down the hill, gathering diameter & momentum as it progresses causing increasing damage – well this ICAC process is something like that for the Australian Labor Party. At the ICAC site look for Operation Jasper. Will add more of an intro later but this from 26 May 2012 by Kate McClymont at the Sydney Morning Herald – And on that farm he had some mates – Conveys some flavour of the early action. This site by a local group has much interesting early material going back into 2010. Just Google – ICAC Obeid – and a stack of links will be laid out for you.

Speculation that parts of New Zealand could hit 40°C in next few days

The NZ Herald quotes long time climate expert Dr Jim Salinger in their article today – Heatwave: Scientist tips a scorcher – Another bio for Dr Jim Salinger.
Further down the article NZ MetService and WeatherWatch people say that 40 degrees looks unlikely. I hope some Kiwis can send in temperatures from – “…east of the South Island and southern North Island…”. Here is a site where you can type in a NZ locality and get weather data.
Is this a case of Fairfax media believing some of the over-hyped rubbish about heatwaves in Australia and thinking that it had to be the turn of NZ sometime.