Antarctica cooling highlights how the IPCC lied to us in 1990

Dr Pat Michaels writing in Forbes last May drew attention to the fact that 33 years of NASA satellite temperature data demonstrates a cooling trend over far southern regions. For global lower troposphere temperature trend map.
Anthony Watts has recently blogged on this topic too.
I thought I would check what IPCC 1990 had to say about future temperature trends – they quoted three models which all showed both poles warming with their colour scale extending to 12 degrees C for a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide – great use of “flaming colour scheme”.

Lets say a doubling would see 560ppm atmospheric carbon dioxide as opposed to 280ppm pre-industrialization. On that basis we are ~35% of the way to doubling. It looks like a comprehensive fail for the IPCC in 1990.
Full plate Figure 5.4 a,b & c, – full plate Figure 5.4 d,e & f.

Ref: CLIMATE CHANGE The IPCC Scientific Assessment, 1990 – 360 pages