Australian Climate Commission presents selective picture of Queensland rain history

The Australian Climate Commission pdf paper – “THE CRITICAL DECADE Queensland climate impacts and opportunities” has a Figure 3 shown below.
Which shows how Queensland has become drier in the 1970-2011 period.

But taking another view of Queensland rain data – this BoM chart of Qld annual rain anomalies 1900 to 2011 shows the cyclic and erratic nature of Queensland rain. This chart also shows that the large brown areas in Qld on the Climate Commission Figure 3 for 1970-2011 are entirely due to the careful selection by the Climate Commission of 1970 as a starting point – the decade 1970-79 having the highest values for the 11 year average rain for over a century.

For another view of recent Qld rain checkout that map of Australian rain deciles for the past 36 months.

No shortage of rain anywhere in Queensland since 1 Nov 2009. So it pays to look at a variety of data sources to better understand the numbers behind what you are being told by GreenLabor and their propaganda organizations.