Australian Climate Commission bungles simple temperature anomaly chart

The Climate Commission has this downloadable pdf report “The Critical Decade – Queensland climate impacts and opportunities” – still available from their website.
Let me know if it goes offline and I can post my copy just downloaded today.
Canberra public servants will have flexed off for the weekend. It would take a miracle to fix this before Monday – but then Tuesday in Melbourne Cup day. Who knows when it will be fixed.
The very first graph on page 4 of 28.

As if the moving average can run OUTSIDE the data bars.
Does nobody proof-read these days. A proper chart could be made at this BoM page – the running average thing was not working for me just now. Thanks to readers who emailed this gem.

Commonwealth public servant ‘decision makers’ slaving away for $20 per hour

I recently made an FOI request to the Australian Commonwealth Department of the Environment – for correspondence relating to the collapse of the NT Henbury Station (owned by RM Williams) carbon farming scheme. Where we are told the Commonwealth had invested $9mill of your precious tax dollars.
I requested under FOI – correspondence for 2011-12 and got back a letter saying how very difficult and time-consuming it all would be and quoting me a charge of $3,562.05 which is mostly “decision-making time”, 157.42hrs at $20 per hr = $3,148.45.

Four and a half weeks “decision-making” assuming a 35hr week.
Does anybody know of any public service “decision makers” on the princely pay of $20 per hr – I am no authority on current pay rates – would some cleaners work for that ?