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Jan 20 06
 BoMclaims of hot 2005 idisagree with data by major global temperaure research groups.
16 Dec 2005 Critique of "Nation bakes in its hottest year", article and suspect BoM Map, in The Australian, 17 Dec 2005
16 Dec 2005 Cool start to summer in Perth WA.
16 Dec 2005 Is Arctic sea ice extent now comparable with that encountered by Nansen  in  1893.
Dec 2005
Is Antarctic sea ice extent now comparable with that encountered by Sir Ernest Shackleton 91 years ago in 1914 ?
Nov 2005 Fran Manns, Open Letter to Prof Lonnie Thompson.  and reply from one of Lonnie's  supporters.
Nov 2005 Critique of BoM 14 Nov media release re 2005 will be Australia's Hottest Year
Issue 15
Nov 2005
Exposing exaggerated and wrong statements  in ABC TV documentary, "Remembering Rain". What is so hard  about rain data.
Issue 14 Nov2005
BoM 90 day temperature "Outlooks" from  Nov 2004-January 2005 onward through 2005. How can they be so wrong ?
Issue 13
A campaign  is developing to get New Zealand out of the Kyoto  accord.

David Parker of the UK Met Office published in Nature in November 2004 a short paper, "Large-scale warming is not urban". Much quoted by propmoters of AGW.  Read critique  of this misleading paper.

Arctic temperature and sea ice trend from Willis Eschenbach Plus new long trend trend from Armagh, Northern Island.
Issue 12
May 2005
Are Martians growing Australian wheat ? critique of mad drought stories
Issue 11
Feb 2005
Critique of claim (as published in their January 2005 Letter to Nature) that their modelling indicates 11 degrees C global temperature rise is plausible after carbon dioxide doubling.
Issue 10
Aug 2004
Large paper, Alaskan Warming Threnody by Willis Eschenbach

Critiques of Arctic Climate Impact Assessment reports.
Issue 9
Jul 2004
Hockey Stick Graph  Finally laid to rest by the efforts of  two Canadian maths experts.

Macquarie University study links rainfall decline to land clearing in SW West Australia  Coolwire thinks their story implausible.

ABC TV 7.30 Report  Claims June July Sydney temperatures are so hot they are SCARY. Coolwire finds many other Junes & July's had hotter days, so we say ill informed journalists are SCARY.

Who's who of atmospheric scientists finds, No enhanmced greenhouse global warming trend in troposphere.
Issue 8
SPECIAL EDITION of Coolwire  reviews predictive skills of Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) 3 month temperature model Outlooks. See what pathetic results come out of the BoM spending your money.
Issue 7

Non-climatic trends in temp. records measured at 0.27 degrees per century.

The sun warms climate, confirmed.

Hans Erren  finds large errors in Arrhenius' 1896 discovery of the Greenhouse Effect                                 

Japanese say Russia will ratify Kyoto

Speech by Australian Enviro Minister shredded.

London Blackouts

Moscow kills Kyoto Treaty

Issue 6
NASA finds increases in solar output actually WARM the climate; yeah we're amazed too.

Dr. Kevin Trenberth tells NZ's that climate change is real and Australian bushfires & NZ drought are linked to GW

IPCC say Castles & Henderson focused on a problem that does not exist.

Dr Doug Hoyt, points out shortcomings  in one of the IPCC emission scenarios.

Sunday Telegraph story on major paper on MWP ref below

Scientists rediscover the Medieval warm Period  MWP and actually get their findings into print

Newfoundland cod freeze to death This is no joke.

Climate fairy story starring Goldilocks

CSIRO in more climate fairystories

Marlo Lewis article at TechCentralStation
Issue 5
Jan 2003
The Economist weighs in to Castles / Henderson attack on IPCC silly scenarios.

WWF links Australian drought with "Global Warming"

Bob Foster points out how 9/11 and Osama  relates to Kyoto.

North Korea reduces electricty waste and leads way to Kyoto.

50 US Antarctic people get home sooner thanks to RNZAF.

Great Lakes freeze over

ABC radio interviews Dr Ian Castles

Ray Evans on Castles & Henderson crit. of IPCC
Issue 4
End 2002
Bob Fosters latest criticism of CSIRO complete with Figures,

Summer Skiing in NZ,

Iceberg trap and confines Penguins,

Concise and comprehensive paper by Dr Chris de Freitas pointing out myths and fallacies in the entire IPCC position.
Issue 3
Oct 2002
Bob Foster and others on CSIRO model projections

Early snow hits SW Scandinavia

SE Pacific no warmer than earlier periods, corals say

Northern Europe warmer in Bronze Age.

New York cools more than Central Europe;

Reply from IPCC to Ian Castles;

NASA finds land use changes as important as greenhouse gases in influencing temperature trends;
Issue 2
Sep 2002
Cool souther summer

US cities hotter.

Coral Sea not warming;

Penguins have invaded Capetown beaches  over the last 18 years.

"Good news for Nobel Laureates", latest from Bob Foster;

Johannesburg urban heat island
Aug 2002

Vincent Gray's new book, "The Greenhouse Delusion" buy the book;

Bjorn Lomborg, "The Environmentalists are Wrong";

IPCC emission calculations attacked

NASA reports increase in Antarctic sea ice