Carolina Coast

In this grid cell Jones 1986 and 1991 only used the cities of Charleston, Wilmington and the town of Florence with populations of 506,000, 56,000 and 30,000 respectively ( pop. data from the GHCN).
No additional stations were included in the 1994 update and only Charleston has data through 1995.
Florence only  has data to 1980 and Wilmington to 1990.  Both of these stations data quality is poorer than Charleston so they  are not considered further.  More up to date data may turn up in the future.

There is no representation of rural data in the Jones et al compilation yet as we shall see there are rural stations available.

Charleston is used by Jones et al 1986  without any corrections and station notes show that  comparisons were made with Savannah, Jacksonville and Wilmington.   All stations that could be expected to have UHI contamination in the data.  No comparisons were made by Jones et al with rural stations.

The map below shows the stations discussed on this page.

Four stations classed as rural in the V2 GHCN have sufficiently complete data to compare with Charleston.
These stations are Kingstree, Darlington, Cheraw and Morehead City.

To keep the page simple the trends for Charleston from GISS and the US HCN have not been shown but they show less warming than the Jones version over the last century.
Charleston has data back to the 1820's  and the Jones trend 1823-1995 cools by about a half degree C.

As shown in the next graphic, over the period from 1910 to 1995 the rural stations average a cooling of near 0.5 degree C while Charleston Jones 1994 shows no trend

The most serious warming bias in the Jones data is showing up in recent decades where Jones version for Charleston is warming at about 1.25 degrees C over the 1969 to 1995 period.

The following two graphs  shows this recent anomalous warming in the Jones data compared to the four rural stations and the three versions of Charleston from US climate groups.

To sum up the position in this grid cell, we find that over the last century and  in recent decades the only current Jones station, Charleston,  demonstrates artificial warming on a scale with global warming when compared to nearby rurals and US climate groups versions of Charleston.

Posted 8, August, 2001
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