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Yes,  you can now get that unpublished paper of yours on the internet without risking the Secret Police knock on the door or the termination slip in your pay envelope.   Names can be left off to protect the innocent.

Simon Scott. "Greenhouse Warming: A shrinking Threat",   Lots of hard hitting things that needed saying. Many good links.

Professor Harry Priem:  Global carbon cycle.

Sun God Ra

Ra:  The New Testament

Bob Fosters series of papers;
International Association for Energy Economics
23rd Annual IAEE International Conference, Sydney 7-10 June 2000

[2]    "The Kyoto Protocol: don't forget the science",  13, September, 2000
with over 70  figures,  can be downloaded  in pdf from the Lavoisier site
Submission to Joint Standing Committee on Treaties inquiry into the Kyoto Protocol
Introductory comments by Bob Foster

[3]    "Climate-change science: duel of the hypotheses",  31, December, 2000.
Second supplementary submission  to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties inquiry into the Kyoto Protocol
Full version with 27 Figures

[4]   "Two parliamentary inquiries into greenhouse",  2, March, 2001
Notes by Bob Foster and Abstract for [2]  above.

[5]    Comments by Bob Foster 1 on the Kyoto Protocol’s bones of contention; 21, August, 2001

[6]   The Carbon Challenge: should Australia decarbonise ?, posted 7, October, 2001


[8]   Critique of IPCC "Summary for Policymakers", posted 16, May, 2002


Critical reviews by by Bob Foster        email Bob Foster:
         8 February 2001,

Introduction to Humbug Corner
One of the tenets of Marxist/Leninist doctrine was that the end justified the means.  In those far-off days, it meant that you were free to kill those whom you deemed to be ‘Enemies of the People’.  Albeit in another form, the principle survives today.

Happily we live in less-polarised times now; and we don’t seek to kill those whose world-view differs from our own.  Nevertheless a tenet which says “you are allowed to lie about science so long as your cause is good enough” has still to be opposed.  The stakes, intellectually if no longer physically, remain high.

Opposition starts with recognition and exposure.  I am therefore preparing an occasional series of short analyses of written material relating to climate-change science.  Some targets will be less authoritative than others, and some lies, obfuscations, and omissions will be ‘whiter’ than others.  But in all cases, vigilance is an inherently worth-while endeavour.  While it seems an unrewarding and time-consuming exercise - like culling elephants - someone has to do it.

Humbug #1   NW Europe winter wave-climate

Humbug #2    West Antarctic Ice Sheet  (WAIS)  and popular press

Back of a Truck:  New section for those reports leaked or "fell of the back of a truck".
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