A rebuttal of the main claims from the Jones et al 1990 letter to Nature 
Jones PD, Groisman PYa, Coughlan M, Plummer N, Wangl WC, Karl TR (1990) Assessment of urbanization effects in time series of surface air temperatures over land. Nature 347:169-172

Significant differences in determinations of mean global surface temperature trends for recent decades
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Previously unpublished  paper by Hughes and Balling , "Eastern Australia temperature variations 1930-1992"
rejected in review in the mid-1990's.
Still the best attempt to compile a rural temperature trend for Eastern Australia.
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1995      paper by    Warwick S. Hughes,  Comment on D.E. Parker, "Effects of Changing Exposure of   Thermometers at Land Stations." International Journal of Climatology, Vol. 15,  pp. 231-234.

1992         Robert C. Balling, Jr., Sherwood B. Idso, and Warwick S. Hughes. "Long-Term    and   Recent Anomalous  Temperature Changes in Australia."        Geophysical Research Letters, Vol. 19, No. 23, pp. 2317-2320.
  ABSTRACT:  Temperature records from rural station networks are being assembled and analyzed for many Northern Hemispheric locations. In this study, we examine the annual mean, maximum, and minimum temperatures from a network of rural stations in Australia over the period 1911–1990. Our findings show general cooling from 1911 to 1978 with a steady decrease in the diurnal temperature range. The cooling in the mean temperature results from a decrease in maximum temperature that is larger than the increase in minimum temperature. However, in the late 1970s, maximum, minimum, and mean temperatures all rose sharply, although the daily temperature range continued its steady decline. This discontinuity in the Australian temperature record is similar in magnitude and timing to discontinuities found in the Northern Hemispheric climate system. Whether it is related to the buildup of greenhouse gases or some other cause, is unknown.
Four pages scanned here, Page 1;   Page 2;   Page 3;    Page 4.

early 1990's Ian Butterworth (BoM)  "On the inhomogeneity of climatic temperature records at Darwin" This was faxed to me in the 1990's and kept on thermal roll paper which faded badly but after scanning the image has been tweaked to  be readable.  
Page one, page two,  page three,  page four.
IMHO this paper reads  like a BoM message pointing out that it is inadvisable to simply join Darwin PO to Airport (as Jones et al 1986 did and CRUT3 does to this day), which produces a non-climatic cooling trend . I agree with the BoM  that this produces a wrong trend and in 1991 made my own "join" between Darwin PO and AP. - which I will show in due course.
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