Links to Australian rainfall and Perth water supply data

Bureau of Meteorology FTP site, Australian high quality rainfall data 379 stations
There are updates if you follow the Rainfall DIR instead of Old_rain.

Department of Environment, Water and Catchment Protection (DEWCAP) their web site has not caught up with new name. Follow Air Quality, then Data, then scroll to page bottom click on what Influences Perths air

Cockburn Association of Pragmatists (CAPS) Info and views on environmental issues around Cockburn Cement Ltd (CCL)

Global Historical Climate Network data

Indian Ocean site by Jean-Luc Le Blanc

Jacobs Perth Climate data pages, links to real time weather observations

Northwest Cloudbands, site by Nicola Telcik UWA scientist

The Water Corporation, administers WA water supplies. Look in downloadable reports for useful info.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, research projects of Dr. Warren B. White, including experimental forecasts for Australian rainfall.    his home page    papers by Dr White    his Antarctic Circumpolar Wave web pages

Viacorp, background on Perth water supply

WA Water and Rivers Commission, much rainfall, river flow and groundwater data, little that is long term

Water Forum, new web site with what the Government wants us to know.

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