Press articles worth posting

The Weekend Australian 24 Jan 2004, article by Bina Brown at bottom of page 34 in the Money section.

Headlined: "As a matter of interest, petrol is emerging as a friend of the economy"

read it for yourself and note the sub-heading ref to "...crude oil rises,"

Columns 1 to 3;

Cols 4 to 6

The "fear factor". From The West Australian 3 Jan 2004, extract from leaked Caltex memo talking about spreading "fear uncertainty and doubt" in the ranks of Caltex franchisees. If they talk about their partners like this, how would they refer to the petrol buying public ?

Three year share price chart for Caltex, to 4 Feb 2004, fascinating how it tracks my Osama Index, the smart money knew where to go in October 2001 and late March 2003.

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