Ozone in California
The Air Resources Board of California (ARB)publishes a large Almanac of air monitoring data on their website and it is plain they regard tropospheric ozone as one of their major air quality problems.  It is obvious from the graph below constructed from their data that the measures to reduce vehicle emissions (and other air pollution) over the last 20 or 30 years have paid big dividends in better air quality, particularly in Los Angeles.  
ozone in California air basins
My point is that with air standards for ozone set at the 0.8 ppm level it looks clear that for most places, urban or rural, the graph suggests that this may seldom be achieved and the map below backs this up.  Exceedences are pretty much all over.  
ozone exeedences all California

Unless you go along with the story that all the ozone exceedences over the vast area of rural California (see map right from ARB almanac)  have been transported there by wind, there would seem little point in maintaining these unreasonably high standards set down in the zone of naturally ocurrences.

wind and ozone

Talking about transport of ozone bearing air by wind, the map below
also from ARB almanac suggest to me that all  possibilities have been covered, in that air can be transported from anywhere to anywhere by the wind system indicated by these arrows.

What is the net effect of all this if I am right and the ARB and the EPA  is Canute-like, trying to drive down ozone down  below natural levels.  The effect will be, damaging excessive  regulations on industry, power generation and motorists.  The cost to the USA taxpayer and the economy will be in the billions.

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