NOVEMBER  16th 2005
We are already being told that 2005 was the hottest year since records began. And it hasn't even ended yet. But what evidence do they use?
Attached are two pictures from the website of the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit. They show maps of the world with the temperature rise for each 5°x5° grid coded in colour for the whole far, and for the months December 2004/January/February 2005 (DJF). .I just hope you can download them.
Now, to start with there are glaring gaps. The whole Antarctic continent has no readings except right round the edge, where the temperature fell. There are also no readings around the North Pole, yet they tell us it is getting hot. How do they know? Readings in East Africa are sparse or absent and there was a fall in temperature for DJF in the middle East, but readings for the "average" have disappeared for that region.
Most of the temperature rise took place in North America and Northern Europe, particularly above 60N. Temperatures fell  in Siberia, over the entire Southern Ocean, and in the Mediterranean. The Pacific Ocean had only a slight rise.
The DJF map is almost identical to the "average". This means that all the heating takes place in the winter in North America and Europe. It also takes place mainly at night. It must surely be due to improved heating measures taken by humans. It cannot possibly be explained by greenhouse theory which calls for uniform heating everywhere, including all the oceans and the Antarctic
In order to conceal these facts they are about to average out the whole lot and claim it is evidence for their precious theory.
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