It is with the most profound regret that I record the sudden death, from a heart attack, on January 28th 2004, of John L Daly, at the early age of sixty years.He was the inspiration for my own interest in the greenhouse effect, a true friend, the subject of much Email correspondence, yet I never met him face to face. I dedicated my own book "The Greenhouse Delusion" to him.
John was a marine electronics engineer, originally from Britain, who lived in Launceston, Tasmania since 1980 and lectured at Launceston College. .
John was the undoubted leader of the group of scientists and others who have come to realise that the claim that the world is being harmed by emissions of carbon dioxide from the combustion of fossil fuels has no scientific foundation. His website
has been in the forefront of scientific truth about the climate for the past ten years. He has provided scientifically rigorous analysis and criticism of the claims of the greenhouse enthusiasts.  He has made possible the publication of a wide range of scientific papers on climate science which are rejected by the "peer review"  conspiracy of censorship which afflicts the "respectable" scientific journals. John Daly receives no mention in the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, yet he has been their most effective critic. His website has become the first resource for any person wishing to access every aspect of  information on climate science.
John was contemptuous of official academic science, which uses the "peer review" process to suppress genuine scientific controversy. He always claimed that his publications went through a far more rigorous "peer review" scrutiny that was ever possible with the anonymous secretive process adopted by scientific journals. His scientific audience was wider and much more critical, usually in a positive fashion. His publications were all of high scientific quality and he was a pioneer in the use of the Internet for scientific publication. His publications have been far more widely read than most of those published in the established journals..
He wrote one book "The Greenhouse Trap" Bantam Books 1989. He wrote authoritative scientific papers on the Surface Temperature Record and The Measurement of Sea Level; a review of the US National Assessment, an entertaining study on the mysterious sea-level benchmark to be found at the Isle of the Dead, Tasmania, and many other topics, most of which can still be found on his website.
Amongst his  "Guest Papers" are several contributed by myself. An important feature has been a long series of specimen weather station temperature records which do not show evidence of "global warming".
Our sincere condolences go to his wife,  Amy, and to his daughters, Emma and Rachel.
His website will continue to provide pioneer leadership in climate science under the capable leadership of Jerry Brennan
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"It's not the things you don't know that fool you.
It's the things you do know that ain't so"
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