JUNE 4TH 2006
I attach the latest New Zealand temperature records from NIWA which demondtrates our ridiculous obsession with Global Warming.
Our annual average temperature has wobbled up and down over the years but there was a great change in 1955 which I attribute to the fact that the meteorologists got their act together and began to correct the readings properly. I believe there was an issue of what was the value of a station in Albert Park, Auckland. I must admit that I have accused them of making inadequate allowances for urban effects, but it doe seem that since 1955 the official figures show no overall change in temperature so they must have done a proper job after all..
Global warming has disappeared from New Zeraland, so we have joined the other countries which have done a proper job of sorting out the problems of their Met Stations. I have recently pointed out that this has happened with the continental USA and with China. I wonder how many other countries are going to find that global warming disappears when you correct your met station readings?
However, it is politically and economically incorrect to admit this, and it is interesting to study the history of the latest New Zealand temperature fluctuations which strted in 1993 and soared nearly 2ºC to 1998. These were the great days of "global warming" and we were told how we would soon be in deep trouble. But of course nobody thought to tell us that we are exceptionally influenced by the great Souithern Oscillation ocean events of the period, and that when these were over we would get a fall in temperature.
As is typical, it took a few years after the 1998 climax  before the Government tried to do something about it, so in 2002, after the temperature started falling, they imposed a future carbon tax. The further fall in temperature has led to a lack of enthusiasm for a carbon tax, at least for most of the Parliamentary parties..
We have now had 8 years of falling temperatures, and we are promised a cold  Queen's Birthday weekend. We can now be confident that some of our scientists and politicians will confidently predict a forthcoming ice age.
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