Plant Photographs from North Lake, Beeliar Regional Park,
Perth, Western Australia.

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 ANTHERICACEAE  (lilies..)  
 Arthropodium capillipes    
Chamaescilla corymbosa (Blue Squill) Tuberous rosetted perennial herb to 0.4m Flowers July to December
   Laxmannia   squarrosa      whole plant
Tufted perennial herb 0.03 to 0.1m 
Flowers Sept to Nov            Flowers
Sowerbaea laxifolia       (Purple Tassels) 
Tufted perennial Herb to 0.45m 
Flowers August to November 
     Thysanotus    sparteus  Whole plant
Rhizomatous, leafless perennial herb 0.2 to 1m 
Flowers Oct to Feb             Flower
 ASTERACEAE   .......  (daisies)  
        Brachyscome iberidifolia      Swan river daisy
   Erect , branching annual herb 0.05 to 0.45m   Flowers July to Nov
 COLCHICACEAE  (lilies..)  
Burchardia umbellata (Milkmaids)      photo 2
Cormous and  tuberous perenial herb to 0.65m 
Flowers August to October 
     Cartonema philydroides
Caespitose perennial herb 0.1 to 0.5m       Flowers Oct to Dec
   Dasypogon bromeliifolius           PineappleBush      Flower                   Flower losing petals
  Rhizomatous, tufted perennial herb 0.3 to 1m      Flowers Sept to Jan
 DILLENIACEAE  (buttercups..)  
Hibbertia cuneiformis
Erect or sprawling shrub to 3m 
Flowers January to March and July to November 
Hibbertia huegelii
Erect open spreading to prostrate shrub 
Flowers June to October 
Hibbertia hypericoides
Erect spreading twiggy shrub to 1m 
Flowers April to December 
 DROSERACEAE   (sundews..)  
  Drosera pallida          Pale Rainbow
  Tuberous perennial herb or climber 0.3 to 1.8m   Flowers July to Nov 
Conostephium pendulum  (Pearly Flower) 
Multi stemmed Shrub to 1.5m 
Flowers  March to October 
Leucopogon australis  (Spike Beard-Heath)        photo 2
Erect shrub to 2m 
Flowers June to December 
Leucopogon verticillatus  (Tassel Flower)  from Hills
 GOODENIACEAE  (wreath plants..)  
Dampiera sp
Dampiera linearis (Common Dampiera) 
Erect perennial herb to 0.6m 
Flowers July to December 
 Lechenaultia floribunda           Free flowering Lechenaultia
 Shrub 0.15 to 1m         Flowers Aug to Dec 
 HAEMODORACEAE  (kangaroo paws, cats paws, sedges..)  
   Anigozanthos manglesii (Mangles Kangaroo Paw)  photo 2
  Rhizomatous, perennial herb to 1.1m 
  Flowers from August to November 
    Conostylis juncea  (Cotton Heads) whole plant from above       flowers close up
     Rhizomatous, tufted perennial, grass-like herb 
     Flowers July to September 
       Phlebocarya ciliata
      Rhizomatous clumped perennial herb 0.2 to 0.6m        Flowers Sept to Nov
 IRIDACEAE  (lilies..)  
    Orthyrosanthus laxus (Morning Iris) 
  Rhizamotous, tufted perennial herb to 0.55m 
   Flowers August to November 
    Patersonia occidentalis          Purple Flag
    Rhizomatous tufted perennial herb 0.25 to 0.7m         Flowers Sept to Jan 
     Flower close up
Nuytsia florabunda  (WA Christmas Tree)  Flowers close up
Tree or shrub to 8m        Tree
Flowers October to January 
World largest parasitic plant     Young growth
  MIMOSACEAE  (wattles..)  
 Acacia wildenowiana ( Grass Wattle) 
Shrub to 0.6m 
Flowers White, Cream or Pale Yellow 
From May to October 
 MYRTACEAE  (eucalypts, tea trees..)  
  Calytrix fraseri         Pink Summer Calytrix 
   Shrub 0.2 to 1m      Flowers Nov to Aug
   Eucalyptus calophylla          Marri
   Tree to 40m       Flowers Dec to May 
   Note: name change  Corymbia calophylla
    Eucalyptus marginata         Jarrah
    Tree (mallee) to 30m                              Flowers June to Jan
   Hypocalymma angustifolium   (White Myrtle) 
   Erect shrub to1m           Flowers June to November 
   Hypocalymma robustum   (Swan River Myrtle) 
   Erect shrub to1m      Flowers June to November 
    Melaleuca seriata    flowers
    Shrub 0.25 to 1m     Flowers Aug to Dec
   Regelia  ciliata
   Shrub 0.5 to 2m     Flowers Nov to Feb
   Regelia inops
   Erect spreading shrub 0.75 to 2.5m     Flowers Jan to March -Oct to Dec
 ORCHIDACEAE  (orchids..)  
 Caladenia arenicola
  Erect shrub to1m         Flowers June to November 
 Caladenia flava (Cowslip Orchid)   photo 1      photo 2
Tuberous perennial herb to 0.4m 
Flowers September to October 
 Caladenia latifolia ( Pink Fairy) 
Tuberous perennial herb to 0.45m 
Flowers August to September 
Caladenia latifolia (Pink Fairy white form)
Caladenia hybrid  (latifolia / flava)   pale yellow          photo 2 
Caladenia hybrid  (latifolia / flava)   yellow centre pink tips       photo 2
 Caladenia paludosa  (Swamp Spider Orchid) 
Tuberous perennial herb to 0.5m 
Flowers August to September 
 Cyrtostylis huegelii   (Midge Orchid) 
Perennial Herb to 0.3m 
Flowers July to September 
Diuris magnifica   (Pansy Orchid)   photo 2
Tuberous perennial herb to 0.6m 
Flowers August to October 
 PAPILIONACEAE  (peas..)  
Bossiaea aquifolia    (Water Bush)  from Hills
  Daviesia physodes
  Erect shrub .4 to 1.8m     Flowers July to Nov
   Gompholobium tomentosum    Hairy Yellow Pea
   Erect shrub 0.3 to1m        Flowers July to Jan
 Hardenbergia comptoniana (Native Wisteria)  foliage
Twining shrub or climber 
Flowers July to October 
Hovea pungens   (Devils Pins) 
Erect, pungent shrub to 1.8m 
Flowers May to November 
Hovea trisperma              (Common Hovea) 
Straggling weak to ascending shrub to 0.7m 
Flowers May to November 
 Jacksonia sternbergiana (Stinkwood) 
Erect weeping shrub or tree to 5m 
Flowers January to December 
 Kennedia prostrata (Running Postman) 
 Prostrate or twining shrub 
 Flowers April to November 
  Dianella revoluta       Blueberry Lily
  Rhizomatous perennial herb 0.3 to1.5m    Flowers Aug to Jan/April
 PROTEACEAE  (banksias, grevilleas..)  
Adenanthos cygnorum (Wooly Bush)   shows whole bush 
Shrub to 4m 
Flowers white, cream, pink and green 
From July to January 
 Banksia attenuata       (Slender  Banksia)   flower 1           flower 2
 Lingotuberous tree or shrub 0.4 to 10m       Flowers Oct to Feb
  seed follicle
 Banksia ilicifolia (Holly Leaf Banksia)   photo 1 reddish stamens         photo 2 newer  pale stamens
Tree to 10m 
Flowers March to January 
 Banksia littoralis
Tree or shrub to 12m 
Flowers March to August 
 Banksia menziesii (Menzies' Banksia)   seed  follicle
Tree to 10m 
Flowers February to October
 Banksia menziesii (Menzies' Banksia)   flower  and leaves
   Persoonia saccata          Snottygobble 
   Erect spreading shrub 0.2 to 1.5m    Flowers July to Jan
 Petrophile linearis (Pixie Mops) 
  Erect lignotuberous shrub to1m      Flowers August to November 
 RANUNCULACEAE  ( Clematis )  
 Clematis pubescens    (Common Clematis)  from Coast
 RUTACEAE  (boronias..)  
 Philotheca spicatum  (Pepper and Salt) 
Slender erect shrub; to 0.6m 
Flowers June to November 
 Stylidium brunonianum  (Pink Fountain Trigger Plant) flower cluster   flower details
Rosetted perennial herb; to 0.5m 
Flowers September to December 
  Stylidium junceum                   Reed Trigger Plant
  Erect rosetted perennial herb 0.08 to1m    Flowers Sept to Nov
   Stylidium repens
    Small herb    close up
Stylidium scheonoides   (Cow Kicks)   flower cluster       flower close up
Tufted perennial herb to 0.4m 
Flowers August to October 
 Pimelea rosea    (Rose Banjine)  flowering bush                         flower close up
Erect shrub to 1m 
Flowers July to November 
 Xanthorrhoea   preissii  ( Grass Tree , Balga)   whole tree  flowering  stalk  flowers close up
Grass tree to 5m 
Flowers January to November Perth Icon
 Macrozamia riedlei   Living fossil, palm like plant from the Mesozoic.  ( Female parts )  ( Male parts )

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