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5 degree Grid Cell Reviews USSR Tarko Sale
    Sea of Ohotsk
    Lake Baikal
    Lake Balhash
  Yellowknife Region, Canada  
  Northern Siberia, Tamyr Peinsular  
  Los Angeles, grid cell  
  Phoenix, Arizona, grid cell  
  Austin Texas, grid cell  
Cities Reviews Atlanta / Macon  
  Chicago / Peoria  
  Miami, Florida  
  Sydney / Sydney Airport,  Australia  
  Sapporo, Japan  
  Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Japan  
  De Bilt,  near Amsterdam, Netherlands  
  Isfjord Radio, no city but bad data  
Earthlights Satellite Images Global  
  USA East, plus Jones94station localities  
  USA West, plus Jones94station localities  
Satellite Infra-Red Images of UHI's    
Maps of  Station Populations Southern Hemisphere  
  Finland / Sweden  
Quality Problems-Temperature Records  Data anomalies in V2 GHCN-USHCN  
  Errant data from Peru  
  Monthly data entry errors in Jones data  
  Data quality above 50 deg north  
Misleading IPCC Science Further into Fairyland  
Misleading Science from Met. Institutes Australian BoM  
  BoM Director grip on facts for press  
  Data adjustments by BoM  
  NASA/GISS trends compared to BoM  
  UKMO Central England Warming  
  UKMO reduces SST trends  
  Finnish Met. Institute  
Guest Papers List Prof Harry Priem, Carbon Cycle  
  Simon Scott  
  Sun God Ra  
  Bob Foster  
  Humbug Corner by Bob Foster  
Carbon Sinks    
19 C Icebergs, Length of day graph    
Melbourne Air Quality    
Melbourne "Worst Drought Ever"    
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