IPCC / Jones  Temperature Stations Colour Coded for Population.

A start has been made to portray graphically population ranges in stations used to generate "global warming".
Population figures have been transferred from the V2 GHCN,  amended where necessary from Map Legend codes used in MS Encarta.  Some of the worst discrepancies in the V2 GHCN population figures were in for example, Mozambique. where some stations classed "Rural" ( under 9,000) were symbol coded in Encarta as being over 100,000.  New Zealand also looked very out of date with Auckland listed at 145,000, (corrected to 500,000 but probably should be more) and I am sure both Wellington and Christchurch should be coded Red too.  In Western Australia Kalgoorlie,  and Mandurah were listed at 10,000.   Most populations will still be underestimated, both because of GHCN and also I have used the lower end of ranges indicated by MS Encarta symbol codes.  But it is a start.

The first map shows the 1991 Jones  Southern Hemisphere data that helped dragoon policy makers to the Rio Conference.  Ironic that the UHI  corrupted  data from Rio helped the IPCC spin their propaganda.   The population ranges are "software chosen", not picked by me.    Greater station numbers in the Northern Hemisphere mean those maps will be some time appearing.
We must remember the statement on p 1216  the Jones, Raper and Wigley paper from 1986, "Southern Hemisphere Surface Air Temperature Variations 1851-1984", J.Clim.App.Met., that;
"...very few stations in our final data set come from large cities."
In fact 21% of stations fall into my  Red population code and of course it is these UHI affected city records that dominate the century plus long trend.  Not many rural stations with over a century of data in Jones et al.
How did this statement of Jones, Raper & Wigley pass review  ?
Would the Editor of the journal have passed this had he known the true situation ?
Has anyone any comments ?


UHI's from Finland
In recent emails,  Timo Hameranta of Finland has raised the issue of UHI affected records being quoted by the FMI (Finnish Meteorological Institute)  on their web site.

Timo has said that he thinks these UHI affected records, including Helsinki have been sent to the IPCC.
He is correct there, although they were "sent" by Jones et al not the FMI.  Like all national "weather services", the FMI remained silent about issues such as the use of Helsinki and others.

He also says that he thinks the use of UHI affected records is worldwide, the Southern Hemisphere map above certainly shows he is correct there too.

Following are two figures of Finnish & Swedish stations used by IPCC / Jones, first from 1991, next from 1994.  Note that the expanded 1994 station numbers, include all the 1991 stations (when you are on a good thing...) and the additions are not very useful because practically none of the new stations are current  to 1990 and most are short term "heritage" stations with data from long ago. The main point is, plenty of population in both datasets, population colour coding as per the Southern Hemisphere.

Finland - Sweden IPCC 1991 Stations

Finland - Sweden IPCC 1994 Stations

Just to show Scandinavian UHI's in another form, this image shows NASA satellite data measuring earths night lighting, which must be a proxy for the extent of UHI's, if measured on the original images where pixellation has not altered the shape & extent of lit areas.

Scandinavian Earthlights

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Posted 19, February, 2001

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