Slowly expanding, let me know if I miss anything big. 

Balling Central:  Homepage of  noted climate scientist, and greenhouse skeptic Professor Robert Balling Jr. Dozens of  links including to most of his papers.

Bizarre Science by Dr Aaron Oakley and Louis Hissink is an informative, entertaining and very readable weblog site detailing case after case where sound scientific principles take a back seat.

Paal Brekkes solar site, interesting info on sun's impact on climate change.

Center for the Study of  Carbon Dioxide and Global Change.   Challenging reviews and  articles.  Very good "Subject Index" page where material on a wide range of climate topics can be located.

Cockburn Association of Pragmatists.(CAPS)  Details how  issues surrounding air quality in Kwinana, the Perth W.A. main industrial district, generate media reports from the far side. Read how the local "EPA" looks to be helping Green groups promulgate their inventive complaints time after time, via a pliant or lazy media. No,  CAPS is not inventing this stuff.

If you are interested in the greenhouse debate you can not miss John Daly's comprehensive website Waiting for Greenhouse.
Bigger than Ben Hur and more useful.

New site in 2002 by Hans Erren of The Netherlands who has analysed UHI's in the historically significant De Bilt and Uccle data and shown relationship to population.  Also shows how De Bilt has been composited. We look forward to more revelations about European UHI's.  Also much thoughtful analysis of carbon dioxide and climate history.

Goddard Institute for Space Studies,  (GISS)  Dr Jim Hansen's magnificent web creation where you clik on a global map and can see a graph of the  temperature record of your chosen station, can also choose the dataset and can even download the table of data.

Greening Earth Society.   Site packed with topical articles re greenhouse, global warming issues. Look for John Daly's paper on tide gauges,  sea levels, IPCC version of science etc.

Dr. Douglas Hoyt thoughtfully discusses many aspects of the various global temperature datasets, take a coffee into this one.

A link for IPCC output where you should find the Summary for Policymakers.

Steve Milloy's huge site debunks all manner of Green and Govt. myths and lies.

Site by Peter Krahmer, said to be the German John Daly.  What more can I say.

The Lavoisier Group., New Australian greenhouse sceptics group. Look in "papers" for pdf file with interesting exchange of letters with Dr Pearman, head of CSIRO Div of  Atmospheric Research.  CSIRO is the Oz version of NOAA.  New paper by Bob Foster,  download in pdf.

This NASA site, "Contrary Thermometers"  discusses the difference between lower troposphere and surface temperatures.  New in July. signs that the NASA Goliath might yet figure out the connection between,  urban temperature records, the Urban Heat Island effect (UHI)  and "Global Warming".  Great potential but their first effort on 21, July  needs editing.  P.S. 28, July. Yep, the editor has been at work.

NASA   2000  "Culprits of  Climate Change"  Explains Dr. Jim Hansen's new position.

NASA Top Stories, selections from NASA research, good archive, some surprises here

NASA telling us about the urban heat island, wonderful pictures of infra-red inages from satellites. Clik on Air Quality for very good vertical section of ozone content across the Knoxville UHI in USA. Like a flower the UHI / pollution plume rises a couple of thousand metres.

Another branch of the far flung  NASA  Empire, this time with convenient site where you see an image map in red and blue of global temperature anomalies from 1979, collected by satellite, you can choose various layers of the atmosphere and by clicking on the map or making a rectangle with your mouse, can see a graph for that area.

NATIONAL TIDAL FACILITY AUSTRALIA at  The Flinders University of South Australia for Australian and pacific sea level history data. They say Australian sea level is rising at a miserly 0.3 mm pa.

Numberwatch by John Brignell, highlights misleading use of statistics and general media ignorance where politicians, science, numbers & stats  are concerned. Witty and rapier sharp.

Gary D. Sharp,  Center for Climate/Ocean Resources Study.  Lots of provocative ideas and data, long term climate change, ice ages, solar & orbital influences.  Examples of how we often do not understand  mans place in the environment.

The Scientific Alliance, another web site putting balancing views on science and environment issues, solid and very British.

SEPP: Dr Fred Singer's Science and Environment Policy Project, publishes The Week That Was (TWTW), critiques a  range of environment science issues each week, pricks many balloons, not to be missed.

Tech Central Station - where free markets meet technology, a huge resource of articles on science and environment

Viewpoint Paper on Atmospheric  Carbon Dioxide
"Does CO2 really drive global warming? by Robert Essenhigh. Chemical Innovation 2001, 31 (5), 44-46. Copyright (c) 2001 American Chemical Society. This article expresses the views of the author and not necessarily those of Chemical Innovation magazine or the American Chemical Society."

INQUA Commission on Sea Level Changes and Coastal Evolution, whose President is Professor Nils-Axel Mörner of Sweden. Under the title "Research Topics 5: The expected sea level changes in the next century", the Commission says:
This is a topic of much controversy. … As it is now, the scenarios are primarily presented by people with little or no specialization in sea level research. This is especially true for the IPCC project where "sea level changes" are treated in ways far away from proper observational records.
Sounds like the IPCC I know.

World Climate Report: Professor Pat Michaels and colleagues exposing inadequate climate science and all sorts of new material.

Posted 28, July.  Updated  5, April, 2003
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