De Bilt, Netherlands 

Hans Erren explores in detail the issues of  urbanization effects and inhomogeneities in De Bilt, Uccle and other regional stations  so it is best you take on board what he has done.

 I am working on a broader look at CRU / Jones  1986 and 1994 use of European stations, grid box by grid box and the first two five degree grid boxes are those containing De Bilt (top) and Uccle.  In the following image maps the HiRes NASA Earthlights image is used as a background,  showing very well the night illuminated urban areas.  The map is  registered  in mapping software, then the Jones 1986 stations (green circles) and Jones 1994 stations (yellow triangles) are juxtaposed over the map at their correct co-ordinates.  Even at this stage of the work it is obvious that Jones station selection is biased towards urban areas.  I realise that in Europe particularly,  long term rural stations  are uncommon.   Work in progress.

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