Global Map of 63 Upper Air Stations from NOAA Air Resources Laboratory

Temperature data and trends from the Jim Angell 63 station upper air dataset (collected at various altitudes from weather balloons) are often quoted in the greenhouse / climate change  debate.

Just recently in September 2001 the subject came up again in emails and out of curiosity I asked the ARL for a station inventory file.  "....a file with 3 fields, station name, latitude, longitude (for sites where the balloons are launched)".
No station inventory file has come down the line but the map below was faxed,  hence some station names are not immediately apparent.
If anyone has these station names with lats / longs I would appreciate same.

I doubt that this dataset was built with surface trends in mind but now we are all aware of the yawning gap in stations from the Sahara / Southern Europe through central Asia to the PRC.

Posted 4, October, 2001
By Warwick Hughes
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