Ozone soundings at the French Antarctic Base  Dumont d'Urville, 1958;
before the use of Chlorofluorocarbons.

The following copy of a 1990 Letter to the Editor of "Annales Geophysicae" by P. Rigaud and B. Leroy was faxed to me in 1993,  saved on thermal fax paper and unfortunately the image quality  has deteriorated, particularly on the Comment by D. de Muer which is page 4.  I do not know if there were more pages to the Comment.

Rigaud and Leroy page 1

Rigaud and Leroy page 2

Rigaud and Leroy page 3

Comment by D. de Muer

Peter (in October 2005) has sent in the following comment, quoting from the abstract of Paul Newman's paper (not to be confused with the Hollywood actor of  the same name!) in Science, vol. 294, 1994, pages 543-7 ("Antarctic total ozone in 1958").
 "These [Antarctic Dumont d'Urville] measurements were derived from spectrographic plates of the blue sky, the moon, and two stars.  These Dumont plate data are inconsistent with 1958 Dobson  spectrophotometer ozone measurements, inconsistent with present-day  Antarctic observations, and inconsistent with meteorological and  theoretical information. There is no credible evidence for an ozone  hole in 1958."

Original post 7, December, 2001

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