Jones et al 1986 SH and NH Stations By Country      

These pages were built by Karl Lehenbauer after hearing about the Jones et al / CRU global temperature data from Warwick Hughes. Note the NH station data has the Jones et al corrections applied - but the SH station file was left raw.  No doubt the SH corrections were applied during their processing by FORTRAN and will be incorporated in the grid point anomalies. Note; the Jones corrections are found as 12 monthly numbers (t x 10) in the Appendices A in the TR022 and TR027 report.   As prioities permit we will be;

[1]  applying the SH corrections which are recorded in Appendix A in the TR027  SH documentation book, now  online.   The TR022 NH book is 346 pages  and would be a large scanning job to get on line.  Getting TR022 online could be facilitated if a volunteer could locate a library copy and attend to scanning to pdf. We know original copies were distributed to the following places - and should still exist in libraries, several copies to Uof EA at Norwich of course, several around DoE in Washington DC, many at DoE Oak Ridge Tennessee, U of Mass, NOAA in Boulder Co, U of Wash Seattle, U of Virginia, U of Mich., Ann Arbour.

[2]  Then work at eliminating errant data entry - eg examples from Peru - other examples of typos / whatever - in the monthly data

[3]  before aiming to replicate the Jones grid point anomalies - downloadable from the DoE - CDIAC (ano files = gridppoint anomalies, dat files station monthly data). 

[4]  When we get to those stages it will be interesting to experiment by taking out cities, or extending rural data, consideration of stations not used by Jones et al and no doubt comparisons with neighbours will be important.  We probably have only a synoptic idea how this project might evolve and if anybody has knowledge of this or that country or regions data and wanted to help, then you can email  sanur2007 at sign    or leave a comment on my Blog.     It must be remembered that the Jones et al 1986 hemispheric compilations gave birth to IPCC global warming as we know it today.   While we have the TR022 NH and  TR027 documentation books explaining what Jones et al DID for these early years to 1986-1991 - but we have no equivalent documentation for later iterations of Jones et al global temperature data.  So this is THE place to start.  Please let us know of any glitches.