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Canberra water supply, sensible options sidelined by Govt in thrall of IPCC climate models.

This long term rainfall trend for the Uriarra district west of Canberra near dam catchments indicates that the low rain period starting 2001 is nothing exceptional and could well represent a return to the pre 1945 lower rainfall regime. Contrary to the thrust of conclusions from CSIRO climate modelling.
Uriarra rain trend 1887-2007 There is no evidence linking the rain trend to some over-arching force of climate change. It is obvious that natural cycles dominate the graphic. Link to more detailed comments on wrong directions in Govt water policy for Canberra.

There never was a rain shortage to justify seawater desalination for Perth’s water supply

Click for 3 page illustrated pdf report 200KB Yes that is a 32 year average of nearly a metre of May to October rain per year.
35 years of Perth catchment rain trends
There has developed in Australia since 2002 muddled thinking at a policy level aided and abetted by a Green media confounding rain and water issues with “Greenhouse climate change” that prevents proper analysis of rainfall and water supply issues.
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Australian Govt. electioneering squanders $198,100 of taxpayer money to save $2648 worth of water each year.

And this is only in one Perth electorate where they have no hope of winning !!

A mailed election flyer from the Liberals in the seat of Brand based on coastal town Rockingham 50 kms south of Perth crowed about ~$50,000 grants for 4 water saving projects. But when you cost the water saved, at the cost of desalinated seawater currently being produced by the Kwinana desal plant (KDP) which is $1.20 per thousand litres (kilolitre), the total cost is only $2648.

[Note for US readers, in Australia the Liberals are on the conservative side of politics, not like your left of centre USA liberals.]

The figures would look worse if I used the average cost of scheme water to the WA Govt meaning water from dams, underground, water trading and desalination. The cost would be about half of the $1.20 per kilolitre.

It hardly seems possible that such utter ignorance could be running the nation.

Details of the 4 grants:

  • $49,000 to save 400,000 litres PA at Casuarina Nursery, Desal water cost, $480
  • $49,500 to save 463,200 litres PA at Greenfields Primary School, $556
  • $49,600 to save 1,136,000 litres PA at Frederick Irwin Anglican School, $1363
  • $50,000 to save 207,200 litres PA at Tranby College, $249

I emailed the local Liberal candidate Phil Edman but got no reply. I read where if Labor win they will spend $20Million on a centre for water excellence.

Another bad joke on Australian taxpayers.

Distorted science in case for unnecessary seawater desalination projects

Compare the Govt propaganda further on to this actual rainfall for Mundaring which shows rainfall increasing slightly from the low period in the mid 1970’s and 2007 rain since start of May has been average. Click here for larger chart.
Mundaring rain historyNote, graphics updated 2 Nov.
The Western Australian Government through its various bureaucracies has opted for seawater desalination to solve Perth’s supposed water crisis. Read how obvious available natural water sources are ignored and basic science such as rainfall history has for years become the subject of lies, spin and propaganda, now that desalination is “the chosen way”.
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Australian Government understating Perth catchment rain

Following above average rain in May-June-July over Perth dam catchments I was puzzled that I had seen an Australian Govt Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) rep speaking on TV late in July saying that while July rain was good May had been dry and June very dry.

In fact long term stations representative of the catchments region received a solid 108% of the May-June-July rain averaged over the last 32 years. This will not be reported in the media.

See various links at: Profligate Govt waste of water following average catchment rain

Seawater desalination questions

Anyone reading my blog knows I think the Western Australian Government has been very premature in opting for very expensive and high environmental impact seawater desalination to augment Perth water supplies when several other vastly cheaper options are available to harvest free rainwater in both dams and local rivers or local Perth region groundwater.

Just quickly to recap the three main areas where supplies could be augmented much cheaper than seawater desalination.

  • Managing bush in dam catchments as it was done ten years ago could add 100 GL per year on average.
  • Cutting the Gnangara pines forthwith and replacing them with a mix of native vegetation and housing could add a similar amount to annual pumping potential on the Gnangara Mound groundwater.
  • The Avon and Murray rivers could easily supply up to say 75 GL per year of slightly saline water which could augment the Agritech Wellington Dam desalination project to around 100 GL per year.

OK ! Have I made my point that turning to ultra-expensive seawater desalination for Perth was totally unnecessary ? In other words, another HUGE COSTLY GOVT MISTAKE.

Now some questions that puzzle me about the current situation.

  • We have a foreign company (or companies ?) engaged in doing multi-billion dollar business (must total $5 to 10 Billion now) with three or four State Governments and yet how many people knows who this company is ?
  • What appears in the Australian media about the foreign desalination company(ies) ?
  • Do they say anything in public in their own right ?

I have been told by a academic water expert from a prestigious Perth university, the sort of place the media contact for quotes on water stories, that “..the technology for desalination is moving forward at an unbelievable rate..”.

Yet the WA Govt. Water Corporation say water from our first seawater desalination plant at Kwinana costs $1.20 per kilolitre but water from the proposed Binningup plant will cost $2.00 per kilolitre. Both water factories are planned to output 45 GL or potable water per year.

Put another way, the Kwinana plant with cost over-runs has cost nearly $500 Million but the proposed Binningup plant is estimated already to be ~$1Billion, over-runs still to come. Are seawater desalination construction costs sky-rocketing like this around the world ?

I am also interested to learn if the proposed $1 Billion Binningup plant was put out for international tender ?

Another issue puzzles me and that is who has been behind the concept that has been floated often in our media in recent years and was even the subject of a referendum in Toowoomba, SE Queensland. This notion that our water shortage is so acute that in some communities we could be forced to drink treated sewage. I am fascinated to learn who has been driving these media campaigns.

Enough questions for now.

Perth is not running out of water, water is running out of Perth

Recent TV news about ample river flows for the Avon Descent white water boat race near Perth, Western Australia, raise an interesting question. The Avon River joins the Swan River and runs right through the centre of Perth.

Perth has a water shortage, water users are on restrictions, water prices are sky-rocketing from 16 cents per kilolitre to $2 per kilolitre, so why is this water wasting to sea in the Swan River, right through the heart of Perth. Amazing that there is not ONE word in the media joining the dots between the abundant water in the Avon, wasting to sea and the Perth water crisis.

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Colossal Govt. waste of free rainfall

May to July rainfall in Perth dam catchments has been just over average going by data from the BoM stations: Mundaring, Karnet and Dwellingup. Taking an average of the 3 BoM stations, 561 mm has fallen over the 3500 sq kms of catchments meaning that 1,963 GL of water has fallen free from the skies.

From my graphic showing the drastic decline in catchment yields since the mid 1990’s, we can see that current yields are ~3%.
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W.A. Govt propaganda takes water supply “post rain”

In full page newspaper advertisements in Perth on the 7th and 8th of July the Western Australian government controlled water Authority, Water Corporation, published this graphic with a blue trendline (Govt. statistical experts say 1960-2006 average ??) showing water supply from rain ending in about a decade from now.
WA Govt Perth dam inflow and 1960-2006  trend
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Politician speaks truth

Tim Blair reports how the NSW Treasurer Michael Costa, in the NSW Upper House, referred to Dr Tim Flannery as an idiot. I would say that if you are going to run around making pro IPCC, doomster predictions knocking the idea that rain will fill dams, influencing national policy, then when the opposite happens, you have to wear it.

The NSW Treasurer, Michael Costa, has called Tim Flannery an “idiot” …

Mr Costa, a renowned climate change sceptic, made his comments in question time in the Legislative Council, saying the environmental campaigner Mr Flannery was wrong to say that dams were going to dry up because of climate change.

Mr Costa referred to “idiots like Tim Flannery saying it’ll never rain” as he launched into a tirade against the theory of greenhouse gases.

He said Mr Flannery and others continually came up with “ridiculous propositions” and told Coalition MPs he would not have appointed Mr Flannery Australian of the Year.

Note on the Gippsland floods

I love seeing the Victorian Premier Bracks on morning TV, fresh from approving a giant, money wasting $3.1Billion seawater desalination plant at Wonthaggi, now prattling on about GL here and there as though he is an expert in dams, river flows, whatever. Pathetic. Fresh from just doubling water prices too.

Remember that Greens and weak kneed politicians killed the proposal for a dam on the Mitchell. Will anyone calculate the value of the water wasting to sea down the Mitchell river, at the cost of water from the proposed Wonthaggi desal plant ? I think it is a non PC calculation that I might eventually have to do.