Record daily wholesale electricity price for Victoria in Adelaide-Melbourne heat

The AEMO daily price for 18Jan18 for South Australia was $1,074 per MWhr which was the highest since $1,492.16 on 8Feb17 no surprise there. But Victoria yesterday recorded a stunning $905.22 which is 4.6 times the previous highest of $195.67 on 10Feb17. You can toggle between SA & Vic at this AEMO page and also choose between 30min and 5min price views. Then the NEM Dispatch Overview.
This record Vic price clearly reflects reduced generation post the closure of Hazelwood.
A couple of charts from the GridPublicKnowledge www pages for SA and Vic gives an idea what was happening yesterday with our stressed power grid. NemWatch gives a snapshot of generation sources.

and Vic

I also kept the SA screen for the 17th. Similar heat is forecast for Adelaide and Melbourne today but a late cool change is due which should be earliest in SA. I understand this heat is moving into NSW and Penrith has 40 forecast for today through to Monday. Will try and follow the effect of this on the NEM.

Why is Tasmanian wholesale electricity price the highest in the NEM?

My chart of 10 day smoothed daily AEMO prices shows that Tasmania has been the NEM price pusher for over a month now and was also near the top of the price skein through much of 2017.
My attention was guided to Tasmania by seeing our PM on TV news offering Commonwealth largesse in Hobart and he mentioned Tasmanian renewable energy and the “Battery of the Nation” project that he seems smitten by. Note there is a State election looming and the Liberal Govt is behind in polls. “Battery of the Nation” seems to be a scheme for the State to bludge more money out of Canberra to increase wind power, pumped hydro and general hydro. Facts are Tasmania is a large importer of power now with average net imports of 5,761 MWhrs per day which is ~23% of demand (see figures in Table for Mar and Apr 2017).

So a fiscally sensible Fed. Govt. would say to Tasmania – look you are big importers of electricity now so you are far from being the “Battery of the Nation” in fact you are one of the “importers of the Nation”. Contact us again when you develop your own projects and your electricity supply situation is near import/export neutral.
I am trying to get data for all 2017. Does anybody have costings for the “Battery of the Nation” boondoggle which is probably on a par with Snowy 2.0 in the $5 to 10Bn range of extra Commonwealth debt.

Our short memories Chinese political interference here

The ABC reports – Top Chinese diplomat denies Beijing bullies foreign students in Australia – reporting cozy chat with Labor MP’s last October. Someone from Mars might think – “What a silly idea – China flexing its muscles in Australia”. Just remember the thousands of thugs bussed to the Olympics torch relay Canberra April 2008. Olympic torch relay: ‘thugs’ blasted and the UK Tele – Scuffles at Olympic torch relay in Australia Scales fell from my eyes that day.

Update Perth dams catchment rainfall and water waste

My Catchment Rain Index updated. Large vers.

Plus my chart of catchment efficiency 1980-2017 – large vers.

And BTW calcs show from 2001-2017 1646GL of water could have been saved if catchments had been managed so that efficiency could have been maintained at ~5.6%. That = 96.8GL PA wasted. A whisker more than inflows this year. What would that waste be worth? A lazy $Bn ?

ABC TV staff vetting is ironclad 100% efficient

Over the Christmas-New Year period I have noticed several “new faces” presenting on the ABC News24 TV Channel and I stupidly think “Oh a new face maybe a new viewpoint” and I pay attention to the “political tone” of their questions to interviewees. I have been impressed that whether the subject be Sydney hottest day records and “global warming” – or some actor harassing women – or POTUS mental state – or NORKS suddenly wanting to talk to South Korea and attend winter olympics – or changing the date of Australia Day(to what) – or claims that African migrants are being victimized by media beating up a few cheeky street kids into crime gangs – or efforts at “closing the gap” being undermined by non-indigenous Australians – or trans-sex children are being destroyed at school by people who see kids as girls & boys – or renewable energy saving us from failure of our coal-fired electricity grid – there is never a millimetres variation from the approved GreenLeft script. All new presenters have the same genius ability to generate “Dorothy Dix questions” with cues so dazzling that a blind-deaf-mute could follow in a blizzard. I have to award top marks to the ABC commissars for their screening processes – they can be proud that not ten seconds of disgusting “centrist views” has leaked through to pollute the minds of the proletariat via our TV screens.

50°C in Sydney region 1939 – perspective on recent heat

Last Sunday 7 Jan 2018 Our ABC reports the BoM – Sydney hits its highest temperature recorded since 1939 with Penrith reaching 47.3C. The BoM had just belatedly found that RICHMOND RAAF 067033 hit 47.8 on 14 Jan 1939. But there is much more to the history of hottest days in Sydney. There was another site recording at Richmond in 1939; John Tebbutt’s historic Observatory which recorded 122°F or 50°C on 11 Jan 1939 as reported in the Windsor and Richmond Gazette Fri 13 Jan 1939 Page 3 Sweltering Week Sets New Hawkesbury District Record.
In Jan 1896 there are a multitude of reports of a stunning and deadly NSW heatwave summarized by Lance Pidgeon at JoNova and picked up by the UK Daily Mail – How a 24-DAY heatwave on Australia’s east coast in January 1896 saw temperatures climb to 49 degrees and killed 437 people. The Windsor and Richmond Gazette for Sat 18 Jan 1896 Page 6 Hawkesbury Heat – On Monday 13 Jan 1896 John Tebbutt’s Observatory recorded 118.8°F or 48.2°C – also well clear of the 47.3 at Penrith last Sunday. There is a report in The Daily Telegraph Sydney,
for Tue 14 Jan 1896 Page 5 123 IN THE SHADE AT CAMDEN. But we have no information re the thermometer exposure. I wonder what readers can find. The upshot seems to be that the 47.3 at Penrith last Sunday was only a run of the mill very hot day for the Sydney region. And even less notable when you take into account the ever growing urban heat island and the fact that Penrith records one second intervals in a modern electric AWS which must produce hotter spikes than a slower acting mercury in glass thermometer.

Electricity AEMO wholesale prices good news

This Christmas-New Year there has not been a huge synchronised price hike across the eastern States like there was last year – that is the good news. With a hot weekend on us gas prices have spiked – PM should pick up the phone again. The general decline in prices after summer demand passed has been helped by the PM and Ministers yakking the subject but they need to keep talking this year. Good news could be improved if the Feds took over Liddell to ensure that asset could be productive for as long as economically possible in the national interest. Not remaining a plaything of the interest of AGL.
A puzzling feature of my price chart is that tiddler Tasmania with all their hydro is so often the price pusher – why is this so? My suspicion is that the answer is related to their monster hydro debt but whatever – they should be put back in their box. AEMO and NemWatch – Large version chart.

ANAO torpedoes Kevin Rudd’s Clean Coal & CCS after $450Mill spent

We canned “CCS” years ago when it was deserved. Video memories and Puzzle of the missing cap rock But it is interesting that near a decade after Kev747 kicked off his Global CCS Institute – CO2 from Vic coal fired electricity (CarbonNet Project) apparently can not be pumped into nearby empty oil and gas reservoirs in Bass Strait where there must be many pipelines and wells already in place. What the hell do public servants do?
CO2 can be pumped into mature petroleum wells to maximise recovery – EOR = Enhanced Oil Recovery. Google – enhanced oil recovery (eor) techniques – Aust. Nat. Audit Office report scroll down here to 12 Dec 17
More info on CCS projects check out the Road Map.

Primarily exposing faulty methodologies behind global temperature trend compilations