Break for a laugh, entertaining audio files

Audio files of Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) of Western Australia (WA) taped phone calls.

Wikipedia has a fair enough intro page to explain the setting of all this for those not familar with Australian current affairs at:

I do not think for a moment that infuence peddling on this scale is confined to Australia, I think Government in many places works like this but this is just a rare glimpse into that world of deals, fixes, mates and favours.

If you Google “Brian Burke wa premier” you will find much material explaining how this master lobbyist has wreaked havoc in the Western Australian Labor Government, leading to the resignations of several cabinet ministers in early 2007.

But just enjoy the audio linked above

One thought on “Break for a laugh, entertaining audio files”

  1. Unbelievable, and these guys are making the serious decisions that affect the lives of Australians! I have just finished watching another presentation that suggests the Oz residential property market is going down the toilet by 40% in 2013. I now understand why!

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