3 thoughts on “Another African shithole improves slightly”

  1. I loved the news I saw somewhere in the last week that Zim wants “white” farmers to return!!! Those that got out alive. Who would go back without a 24/7 platoon of troops for protection.

  2. Well, although there are parts of South Africa that are shitholes, the country is technically more advanced than Australia. E.g. it has nuclear power, still builds its own cars, and is building the worlds largest radiotelescope array.

  3. For over fifty years Aid has poured into much of Africa, but it has been in a very unsupervised way, with little hands-on care and as a result the money has been siphoned off on its way to the needy and the Rich got richer and the Poor struggled to get the crumbs.
    This system is not confined to Africa either.

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