Evidence that cloud seeding does work after all

Cloud seeding to enhance rainfall has had a chequered career in Australia. Starting here with all the surplus aircraft and crews after WWII many missions were flown over various catchments. I get an impression there was a turf war between the BoM and CSIRO and the statistics of rainfall make cloud seeding results often hard to assess and there is always some NIMBY whining that it was too wet or too dry. I mentioned CS in a blog 2 years ago see links and maps there. I have been aware that Snowy Hydro has carried out CS trials against Greens opposition and checked their www pages. Seems the CS trials are still going so I grabbed the 2016 report. Nothing about actual rain results so I checked the NSW rain anomalies for max term of 4 years. Presto the best anomaly in NSW is where do you think?

Maybe we should be getting on with extending CS into other alpine areas where we can value add the Murray River and other Vic & NSW dam catchments.

4 thoughts on “Evidence that cloud seeding does work after all”

  1. Yes Tom I have been reading up any Australian cloud seeding reports I can find for over ten years now. Here are a few links that I hope still work.
    Tassie Hydro has used CS for many years but in June 2016 they flew a mission after a forecast of heavy rain – there were floods – CS was attacked and they have stopped CS now. So that leaves Snowy Hydro as the last CS project
    CS has few friends and always has many Green and NIMBY enemies, people worried about too much rain or too little.
    The Perth region and catchments seem an obvious place to mount say a 5 year CS project but I see little chance of that.
    I can scour my old HDD’s and see what I can find to post online.

  2. I doubt cloud seeding would have much effect in SW WA as humidity levels low in the summer and we rarely see the high convective clouds where seeding might work.

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