Vale Reza Berati from Iran – but why was he driven to leave Iran?

It was a terrible waste of Reza’s young life when he was killed during a disturbance at the Manus Island immigration detention centre run by Australia.

I am amazed that I have seen no news anywhere that mentions who he was, where he was raised and educated and what he did in Iran prior to traveling on an Indonesian coastal boat to Christmas Island last winter.
I know this is off topic but the failure of the MSM to report anything is deafening.

4 thoughts on “Vale Reza Berati from Iran – but why was he driven to leave Iran?”

  1. Also deafening is how the amount of money these people pay to reach Australia by boat is never mentioned.

    The all up cost of reaching Australia by boat from Iran etc, must be at least $10,000. A sum only affluent people from these countries could afford.

  2. I suspect that looking into his previous life will reveal he is just someone who decided he would find more opportunity coming to a country like Australia than staying where he was, and was assisted in this venture by his family who probably paid the bills. Given the condemnation of the Australian government by the Iranian government on the occasion of this person’s death, it is almost certain that he flew out of Tehran to either Indonesia or Malaysia on documents issued with the full knowledge and freedom of the current government of Iran. Effectively this means he was another illegal migrant who came here against the express wishes and advice of the Australian government and people.

  3. There’s a Facebook page with a lot of entries, nothing about who he really was, and nothing about the thousand and more that drowned in the attempt to get here. “His name was Reza Berati”
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