Classic IPCC compliant West Antarctica “warming faster” story – destroyed by satellite data

Just saw this at ABC online Christmas eve – too busy to respond – I see Anthony Watts with it too.
This neat map and story is at the site.

Unfortunately for the authors of the Nature paper – NASA satellite lower troposphere temperature data by UAH team Spencer & Christy shows cooling over the 1979-2012 period for the 60 degree sector covering West Antarctica with Byrd Station (near 80S – 119W) central.

The trend for the entire zone between 75 & 85 south is also cooling.

3 thoughts on “Classic IPCC compliant West Antarctica “warming faster” story – destroyed by satellite data”

  1. So correct me if I am wrong but the map shows Byrd temperatures do not correlate with any other stations marked by black dots. Not even on the Antarctic Peninsular where I thought, from years of media, that warming is more pronounced then the main part of Antarctica.
    BTW while I checked out that AmazingPlanet site, I found this clever map of over a century of global earthquakes, there are a lot of religious comments there.
    Anybody know who owns the site ?

  2. As usual, when one looks at the scientific facts and the thermometers, mostly below zero and cooling here, and not at the output of the models, the crisis disappears. Not a lot to see here folks, now move along, please.

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