New Zealand Govt backs down on ETS

Nice to see reality hitting in GodZone across the ditch.
Spies have told me of these headlines in New Zealand – I note the Green/pinko Australian media has ignored this so far. Prime Ministers might say one thing when rubbing noses at some Pacific Forum but when the hoopla is over…..
The Otago Daily Times reports “Government hits brakes on ETS” and in the dear old NZ Herald – Brian Fallow writes – “Softer still on climate change effort”
Kiwis must keep up opposition to what is left of the stupid and harmful ETS – or some idiot Govt will bring it in one of these years.

3 thoughts on “New Zealand Govt backs down on ETS”

  1. Likely that NZ would have a change of tack regarding this unpopular scheme with elections looming in less than two months. Climate Change Minister Dr Nick Smith states “The Government was calibrating NZ’s approach relative to our key trading partners”. Translation:We goofed up and jumped in the deep end while other more astute nations held off. Although it is claimed that the ETS is merely being “watered down”, it could well be completely sunk. The only dissenter seems to be serial buffoon Green MP Keith Locke. To be fair, it was always going to be reviewed after the first year of implementation.

  2. I notice that the price of carbon units in NZ has fallen too. See this NZ Herald article “Carbon price fall big issues for ETS review” – 15 Sept.
    This pro-carbon trading site CarbonPositive has a 19 Aug article – “Uncertain future hangs over CER market”. Skim down and you see them taking some comfort from the miniscule NZ and politically doubtful Australian market. CarbonPositive sounds hard up for good news.
    Julia – I can not wait to get to vote in our next Federal Election.

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