BBC exaggerated warming trend in David Attenborough’s TV show “Africa”

This story has been running the rounds. “BBC exaggerated climate change in David Attenborough’s Africa”. Donna Laframboise has just dug deeper into the scam and shreds the BBC’s shoddy work further in – “The Workshop Presentation that Never Was”

Thought it worth restating that I have pointed out in Aug 2006 “Satellites vs surface, amazing agreement over the USA” then revisited the theme again
in 2010 and 2012 – The Jones et al CRUT trends are not worth a cup full of warm spit when compared against satellites lower troposphere trends over the large African grid-box 20S to 20N and 10E to 40E. Obviously something seriously wrong with surface data. I love the way satellites and surface agrees over the USA – CRU would not want any possums stirred up there.
Why is it that unpaid sceptics all over the world have to correct the work of highly paid IPCC warmists ?

Coalition bold water plan leaked

It will be more interesting when the plan sees the light of day. When the Coalition makes it into Govt they will find entrenched water bureaucrats wedded too much to “Wentworth Group” ideas that would naturally oppose the vast majority of projects in this report. There has grown in Australia an influential group of interests in favour of more expensive water.
We are certainly paying in our water bills for the last 25 years or so when Green Anti-Dam dogmas have had too much influence. Anti-Dam sentiment allied with arm-waving arguments exaggerating the 2002-2009 drought have contributed to several uneconomic seawater desalination plants being constructed. Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane desal projects are costing us multi-tens of $Billions and stand as huge “white elephants”.
Some things the Coalition could do without building a single dam.
First review all environmental flow specifications with a view to cutting them back. How crazy that the Thomson Dam for example has 35% of inflows wasted to the sea. Should add that on 5 Feb 2012 I posted – Possible Kimberley region nation building dam projects
Never used plans going back half a century.