IPCC ingrained ignorance revealed again in hand-wringing statement about flooding on Maori land “…low-land plains…”

This IPCC leaked text is available here. –

Large proportions of Maori owned land (>60%) are steep and hilly and susceptible to damage from high intensity rainstorms and erosion; while low-land plains and terraces are vulnerable to flooding and high sedimentation (Harmsworth and Raynor, 2005; King et al., 2010).

Can somebody tell the IPCC that “low-land plains” are FORMED by floods over the aeons. Rivers and creeks flood and carry sediment out over bordering lands. This sediment drops out of suspension to form a new soil layer. A process that has been repeating since the beginning of time. You can not have “low-land plains” without occasional flooding and associated sedimentation.