Australian Climate Commission bungles second temperature chart – already constructed for them by the BoM

Thanks to alert reader Dave see comment 8 below.
How could the Climate Commission get it worse than this ? See Figure 2 at the bottom of page 2 of their downloadable pdf get this while you can it is only 3.5MB. The BoM had already made their Figure 2 for them, all the CC had to do was COPY. Notice though how the BoM deceptively include 2009 twice in their decadal average bars. I have never before seen a “trick” like that. Like a new version of the “hide the decline” trick.

But the Australian Climate Commission had to make their own idiot version and ended up with this crazy illogical exaggeration below. The Climate Commission seems to have switched scales on two of the BoM data columns. Who is committing these appalling data processing mistakes ?

The Australian Climate Commission should simply be disbanded. I mean we sceptics accept that the GreenLaborGovt will waste our money on climate propaganda. But we expect it to be half skilful and convincing.
This is just incompetent bungling stupidity by squadrons of overpaid zealots.
Disband the Australian Climate Commission NOW.